Sunday, February 12, 2017

Song #132: "Message Of Love"--The Pretenders (1981)

It's the fourth of five tunes from Chrissy Hynde and a group that made more than its mark on multiple forms of music in the early years of the 1980's. It also did it while overcoming multiple tragedies, losses of band members.

"Message Of Love" would be on "Pretenders II", their second studio album release, the last release with the original band. I remember distinctly when this song debuted on AOR radio stations like XL102, 3WV, and K94 back in 1981, and immediately digging the tune, first, for its mesmerizing use of a hypnotic beat that started from the word go, and weaved its way through the song, giving the final part of the bridge an extra kick.

Next month, The Pretenders come to Charlottesville along with Stevie Nicks. If it were just The Pretenders, my butt would be at John Paul Jones Arena. I'd love to hear this song, and many others, live, including my all-time favorite Pretenders song, which I will unveil.....later this Spring.  :)

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