Monday, February 06, 2017

Song #138: "I Want To Hold Your Hand"--The Beatles (1964)

Today, the seventh of eight songs from The Fab Four in our musical journey, one that played a part of the memorable appearance of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, ironically, 53 years ago this Thursday.

Still less than three months removed from the John F. Kennedy Assassination, the nation was in need of some distraction, something new, exciting, and positive. Now, parents back then probably didn't think this to be the case, but, compared to some of our "role models" in 2017, John, Paul, George and Ringo seem pretty tame by comparison.

From that musically altering Sunday night on CBS, here they are.

NOTE: You have to hit the pause button at 1:27, and look at the woman's reaction in the front of the shot, but, more interestingly, the reaction of the two older geezers behind her!  :) :)

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