Friday, April 01, 2016

Song #449: "Beautiful Stranger"--Madonna (1999)

I still wasn't listening to much "popular music" in the Summer of 1999, two years after leaving my jobs at WDYL/WGGM. But this song did catch my ear, likely on the newspaper route listening to B103.7 after getting my news from WCBS 880, then Tim and John on WRVA.

It comes from a movie I've never watched (and have no desire to) from an artist that has several songs I like, and many I just don't care for, who came of age in my high school years. When I hear this song, I think of running the kids around, picking up Robbie in his final days of first grade at Longdale Elementary, and bowling.

Yes, bowling.

Robbie and I were in a parent/child bowling league that summer in Mechanicsville teamed with a wonderful lady and her daughter. Lots of fun. And bumpers!  :)

It was also about this time that we had to pull out of moving into a new house closer to Virginia Center Commons. And, almost seventeen summers on, as the British would say, we remain here on Tavern Way.

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