Monday, May 16, 2005

Questions abound at 5am.....

It's 5am---do you know where your nuclear warhead is?


Facts and questions........

1) Jack stops at nothing. See the preview? That little girl has no idea who she's dealing with.

2) Tony---at 445am I thought he would die (based on my wife's hunch) of 5am, I'm not sure he will, simply because it's become such an intrical part of the storyline. Though, it would make sense, what with Tony and Michelle finally breaking the ice. So, I'm totally up in the air on this one; it could go either way.

3) Chloe---I love Chloe. Period. :)

4) Curtis---if Tony goes, he's the new #2 man. He's established himself after briefly having his feathers ruffled over Tony's arrival. Solid character.

5) Michelle---is she gonna be able to keep it together? (Based on the preview, I'm not sure, unless all CTU leaders scream when they see explosions)

6) Audrey---If Jack gets to talk with her, what difference does it make?

7) The Speaker of the House---He looks like Newt Gingrich, combined with Jim Wright, and is as power-hungry as Hillary Clinton. Well, look at the good side, he falls for good acting from a bad actor (namely, President Logan).

8) Habib Marwin---Now, if he had the place covered outside, it must mean he really wanted to get away, which means he can't be finished. This day isn't the only motive. Otherwise he wouldn't have had that cover.

Oh, and when you've got the #1 Terrorist in custody, the man responsible for the nuclear warhead which now graces our airspace, DON'T YOU ESCORT HIM WITH MORE THAN TWO GUYS?? Pathetic.....

Well. It's all come down to the next 120 minutes. And remember, we haven't even touched China yet (and you'll bet we will.)

More and more through the hour I see how they can "cliffhang" us next Monday night and just pick right up at 7am next January.

The only concern I have is for the stamina and bladders of the likes of Jack, Curtis, Chloe, et al. After all, everybody's gotta go sometime.

And, hey, Newsweek---there won't be any Koran pages going down that toilet, either!


The Editor said...

You rock. If they kill Tony, I'm never watching again. But then again, I say that every week about something on that show.

DJG said...

How about that finale!!!

They tied everything up pretty nicely, maybe a little too fast at the end but hey its only 24 hours!!!