Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hey, I Did Some Livin' Today!!

First, in reference to the end of my post last night....

What do I see on my Blogpatrol account tonight? That earlier this evening, someone Googled "things that stink".....and got my blog.

Nothing more needs to be said. :)


Got the best seat in the house for the race. Home. So far, #9 has pretty much dominated, and I'm sure a huge roar went up from the RIR crowd when Jeff Gordon had to go behind the wall.

Today wasn't half bad, as Saturdays go. We weren't sure how long my folks were hanging with us, so I told Bonnie to take the van and that we would not be trying to get to Kids Day at church. Turns out they planned to leave early as usual. That's cool---we'll see them soon.

So, I got some rest (much needed) this morning, then we headed out this afternoon, for the inevitable....had to happen....could not be avoided trip to.....


At least it was the one in Ashland.

We got, for the growing boy, clothes for the girl with explosive growth...The Sandlot II on DVD (which they just finished watching), and some other stuff. You'd think I would remember more since I think we ended up in there for TWO HOURS. Nothing but the grace of God gets Rob Witham through 2 hours in Wal-Mart.

Later, Bonnie said she fully expected to come home and I'd stay in bed, so it was a pleasant surprise to her that I stirred. That made me happy. :)

So, tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday (Happy birthday church and rock on Holy Spirit!!)

Church, followed by home and a nap, followed by a quick trip to the station to dub in a few network spots, then home in time to catch up on Desperate Housewives.


In closing, catch any of the news regarding the church controversy in North Carolina? The pastor tells Kerry voters to "repent or resign"? The pastor ends up resigning and 30 others leave with him.....

I'm sure there's more than meets the newspaper article. Church splits seem to always be that way.

I hate 'em. Went through one when I was, like, seven, and yes, I can remember some of it. Nasty. No fun when you're the baby in the pastor's family. Family members turned against each other, some leaving, some staying.

Here's the rundown from Christianity Today.....

And to all of you surfing by, stop by anytime! I can't promise Pulitzer Prize winning material or any breaking news, but I'll talk about life, and that's reality and opinion enough, isn't it?


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DJG said...

I was glad to see the #9 finally win! I had the same seats as you!

It is amazing to see how some people end up on your blog. I saw one google of "biting gnats in Alabama!" Yep, I had posted about it!