Thursday, July 21, 2005

Various notes and observations.....


We begin with today's advertising cliche from hell (suggested by the one and only Rodney Woody at work today.....):

"We're broadcasting live at........"

Now, I don't know about you, but personally I think some of the better radio broadcasts in history were when one was broadcasting dead, don't you?


Two of the past three Thursdays I have been shown why I should be proud of my English heritage, albeit in a needless, horrendous way.

The way the British citizenry picks up and goes on so quickly is unreal. Yeah, I know. I'm NOT comparing 7/7 and 7/21 to 9/11. There is no comparison.

But....give the Brits credit for holding their heads up in spite of the events around them.

Now.....I want to know how the Withams got to be so nervous, and edgy, etc....after immigrating to this side of the Atlantic.....:)


I didn't think about it, but an emailer to a TV News website I follow daily hit it right on the money.

Sky News is very professional at going about breaking coverage. All the anchors and reporters were very calm, reporting events surrounding them in a thoughtful, non-panic-filled way. Fox definitely has the advantage of being their "sister network" (thanks, Rupert!). CNN has their own international unit, but other than Christiane Amanpour , they are pretty bare.

It's also interesting to turn on CBS News' coverage of anything breaking these days for one reason:

---find out who's anchoring today.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: Why does CBS allow Julie Chen to be a "news-person" on the Early Show, and host "Big Brother"? She's done it for six years now. Wonder if she's dated Les that long.......

AND FINALLY............. the back door greetin' people after church back on Sunday, my daughter comes up to me and says.....

"Dad, it's July, right?"

"Yes, honey."---I said.

"Then if it's July, why are there Junebugs out?"

Oh, to be that innocent again. :) :) Carefree, too!!!

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