Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Heart in Throat....for 12 more days.....

I was really worried about the shuttle launch. I remember not being that way at all in September 1988 when we returned to space travel after Challenger.

As the time after launch continued, the fear faded some, as the awe took over. That camera they placed onto the shuttle like a "backpack" was incredible.

First shot, you see Florida like you're leaving on a jet plane.

Next shot, there's a clear delineation between earth atmosphere and space.

That clarity got better and better with each shot until the payoff.

When the shuttle disengaged from the external fuel tank, and said goodbye to the camera, the sight of it slowly lifting up and to the right away from the tank was downright unbelievable.

Now, let's make sure the debris situation is taken care of, for my heart will not return to its normal location until I hear the word, "Touchdown".

Simply put--had there been another accident today, NASA would have ceased to exist.
Now, we've got 11 days to go.



"Looking for an exciting and challenging career?"

"Recruitment" advertising has increased greatly on radio in recent years as a way for employers to find people employed, but unhappy or looking to advance, who aren't lookin' at the classifieds.

But how many commercials for job openings have I seen come through the office begin with the above-typed inane line? Hundreds.

Just for grins, what would people say if one of them began like this:

"Looking to completely sabotage your career and your family's future in a guaranteed dead-end environment?"

There's got to be more than one way to introduce a job ad. We're trying to cultivate 'em.


Well, it was, oh, I don't know....96, 98, 101 degrees....did it matter? It was hot, and I can't stand it. One more day and then relief. :)

Rachel started, ah, BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING today. Yikes!!! By choice, I must add. SHE wanted to go. She's already asking when school starts. Funny---Robbie isn't. :)

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