Monday, July 11, 2005

Ponder these church thoughts....

1) I know of a church that recently polled its parishoners to get feedback for their Pastoral Committee in what to look for in a minister.

One of the three "least important" characteristics: Visionary. who's God giving the vision to, the janitor? Tell ya what, if you get 300 people to completely agree on the vision God lays on the heart of that church, then I'll eat these words. I suspect I'll be hungry awhile.

Does this mean only the pastor can cast a vision? No, but he/she better be a vital part of it!!

2) I know a pastor, who, at a board meeting one time, was told by a board member, "take no offense, but we're (the board members being members of the church) the ones who are vested here. We'll be here after you are gone."

A pastor isn't vested in the church he/she pastors? If that's the attitude of leadership, this begs the question, "How much respect is their truly for the pastoral position, no matter who is in it?"

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