Monday, September 26, 2005

It's alive!! :)

Well, that's me, the "it" that is alive.


Stinks when you can't blog.....reasons?

--Lots of time at work
--Revival at church last week (that's a good thing!)
--upper respiratory infection (down all this weekend)
--one night in the sleep disorders clinic

...need any more?

So, I've looked ahead and don't see any weeknight event on the calendar (other than Friday night football on the radio), for the foreseeable future.

So, maybe, just maybe, I can rebuild my blog, and its broad audience of some, oh, ah, 17 citizens of the world.


Couple of thoughts:

---For chuckles, I checked out a few minutes of "BashBush"..I..I mean "Countdown" tonight to hear Keith and Howard Fineman get tickled over what they think are the current guffaws of the Bush Administration. I'm not one to answer for them for anything carte blanche (their handling of Katrina was NOT good)....but Fineman pushed really hard that Bush should propose the government build some new oil refineries. He said it as if Bush is stupid for not doing it already.

Hey---Howard: come back to earth. Carter? Reagan? Bush 41? Clinton?

Did you ask any of them to build one? Or was 99 cents a gallon more comfortable for ya?

So, the scorecard reads:

President Bush controls the weather and ensured Katrina hurt the poor the most...

President Bush is to blame for America's failure to invest in a new refinery anytime in the past 25 years....

And, the REAL scorecard reads:

Fineman and his left-wing idealists ARE to blame that we could have been drilling for oil in Alaska these past 25 years to along with that refinery that they are now shouting for! Can't refine what you don't have!!

But, God forbid we safely, with very reasonable safeguards, drill next to the habitat of the Willied Frombat Wossul of the Great North.

Nobody on "that" side ever considered the fact that conservation AND exploration could live together, side by side.

Which just once again goes to show you how the right is much more open-minded than the left, regardless of what they chant in their talking points.

A lefty? Compromise?

For Example:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg refuses to answer specific questions on issues which may come before the court after she would be appointed and is considered wise for doing so.

John Roberts basically does the same; and five Democratic Senators decide from their high thrones of "know-what's-good-for-everyone"-ism, that, "they don't really know John Roberts".

How did we elect Senators who can't hear and comprehend the English language?

Oh, that's right. I'm sorry. They do comprehend it...but they also choose to use what many of us husbands are accused of using.....

"selective hearing".


Anybody ask Bill Clinton about building an oil refinery when this gas situation came about?


In closing........

We miss him by "that much".

RIP--Agent 86.

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