Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bloggermann strikes again.....

Keith Olbermann, never one to miss a chance to, in his own way, rail on George W. Bush, has facts in this post! Indeed, I agree with him on much of what he said.

It was what he didn't say that spoke volumes. Instead of a hard-hitting, provocate post looking at the complete breakdown on all governmental levels in the Katrina catastrophe, Olbermann, for some reason, can't stop being fixated on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Bush Administration carries much blame. So does the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, every Congressman or Senator who didn't appropriate the money needed for New Orleans to have real levees since Betsy in 1965.....

....and lest we forget the Louisiana state government, the Mayor of New Orleans (though give him big props on his warning the Saturday before the storm--he pulled no punches), and governmental members of wards and area parishes.

While you're at it, let's hear it for the N.O.P.D. members who suddenly ran off the job, and, my personal favorite, the two police officers caught (by MSNBC, ironically) looting shoes in the Wal-Mart they were supposed to be "protecting from looters".

In other words----fault goes on ALL. Liberal, conservative, moderate, old, young, white, black, Hispanic, men, women, etc......

Anyone who can't see that is, well, honestly, blind by choice.

Which brings me back to the Countdown host. I emailed him and told him it's a shame he cannot be taken seriously as a reporter of news; his latest blog post blatantly showing why.

Look at all sides and objectively report. Not on Countdown. And it's a shame, too, because Keith is immensely talented and the show's format is excellent. He is especially good at knowing when to let the pictures (or the video) tell the story.

But he can't see everything while having his head stuck in the liberal playbook. As Linda Elerbee says, "...and so it goes."


(Blog Editor's note): This post was written by someone who's been in broadcasting himself for almost 20 years and has composed and given many a newscast. I'm not an armchair anchor, and, let it be known worldwide, I don't know all, either.

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