Sunday, March 06, 2016

Song #475: "The Old Songs"--Barry Manilow (1981)

Yes. Barry Manilow.

And it won't be his only appearance on the Rob Witham 500. Face it, he could be cheesy, but in his heyday, he was uber popular. Some of his music (much of it?) was formula, very formula. And then there are several songs where, alone in your car, or in the radio station studio, you're singing along at the top of your voice, unashamedly.

So here you go. Sing loud.  :)


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Mals86 said...

Was a HUGE Barry Manilow fan for a long time. Don't remember this one, though... huh.

(I mean, seriously. I must have six or seven Barry albums packed away somewhere. My aunts gave them to me for Christmas and birthdays. Honestly, never tell anyone you collect things because they will never let you stop.)