Sunday, March 27, 2016

Song #454: "I'm The Only One"--The Go-Go's (1984)

It wasn't a single, didn't even get the B side, but was the lead-off track on side two of "Talk Show", the third and final album of the 1980's run of The Go-Go's, whose strange combination of sixties music and eighties wardrobe (when there was one), carved a special niche for them in the early MTV generation (you know, those of us who, to this day, don't understand why Music Television isn't showing videos 24/7).

I only got to see MTV when I visited my brother in North Carolina (no cable/satellite in Beaverdam), so when I had access to it, I, as they say today, "binge-watched" it.

I'm so glad Rachel and I got to see this group in 2006 at Innsbrook After Hours even though I had no voice and couldn't sing along. They sang many of what Rachel called "our girl songs", a CD filled with songs by women we would jam along to every morning going to Greenwood Elementary School. :)

So, here!  Enjoy a "girl song"!  :)

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