Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Song #472: "Dirty Laundry"--Don Henley (1982)

You could argue that Don Henley had the most successful decade post-Eagles breakup after "The Long Run". I certainly think so, and we'll see Don, alone, several times, in the Rob Witham 500, starting with a look inside something I know fairly well, the media.

I'm sitting courtside right now at the Siegel Center, four state basketball championship games down, one remaining. And my overriding thought all the time when I cover high school sports, and frankly college, too, is to remember they're human. Especially high schoolers. They're kids. Watch how you criticize, be careful how you report. Remember the heart of the reason why I do this: it's for the kids. It's not to be followed, not to be known, not to be popular.

As opposed to the story of this song, filled with bubble-headed bleach blondes and 5PM deadlines. Harsh reality, great song.

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