Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Song #451: "Long Long Way To Go"--Phil Collins (1985)

The first of many cuts from Phil's landmark 1985 "No Jacket Required" release, which is one of my all-time favorite projects. I bought the cassette about a month before moving to college at the end of the Summer of 1985 and listened to it for HOURS, especially in the dark, early days of my freshman year in September, 500 miles from home, everything I knew, and now in the midst of a suddenly long-distance relationship.

I listened on my Walkman in the dorm, while cleaning the academic building (Vannah Hall), you name it.

This song is perfect for those days where you'd frankly rather turn over, grab the covers, and just forget about it. Lord knows I've had plenty of them.

(On a happy note, we are ten percent through the Rob Witham 500! Thanks for the warm responses so far and get ready for more excellent (in my humble opinion) music as the countdown continues. :)

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