Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Day---New Normal

New Years Day ain't what it used to be.

Once upon a time, college football ruled the day.

I know, some of you are thinking I'm nuts, because, what, six games were played today? But only one "mattered", and even that one has no implication on a so-called 'champion'.

New Years Day used to mean the Cotton Bowl on CBS with Lindsey Nelson, the Sugar Bowl on ABC with Keith Jackson, the Rose and Orange Bowl doubleheader on NBC, and the crowning of a 'mythical' National Champion. No BCS. Heck, I remember when the Fiesta Bowl was first moved to New Years Day!

Thus, no meaningless bowl games. Even if the two teams playing in a New Years Day bowl didn't have a chance to be voted number one, you were guaranteed the absolute best teams were playing.

As opposed to today, where Connecticut falls to 8-5 and Penn State 7-6. Texas Tech beats Northwestern. Yawn.

What should have happened today:

--Oregon beats Wisconsin in the traditional Pac-10/Big Ten Rose Bowl matchup.
--Arkansas outlasts Stanford in the Cotton Bowl
--Auburn beats Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl
--TCU upends Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.

The AP votes Auburn, the UPI votes Oregon #1. And we all get to talk.

Yeah, yeah, this year we get to "settle it" on the field. But, do we really? TCU is unbeaten and proved today it can hang with "the big boys". No matter who wins in Glendale on 1/10, they won't be the only undefeated team.

And thus, not really "National Champs".


In other thoughts to kick off 2011---

--Long live the NHL Winter Classic! Even with the rain, the game was awesome. Whoever came up with this idea should replace Gary Bettman as Commissioner. Immediately.

--Robbie's room is painted in one night. He, Travis, and later Rachel, get the job done. So, some of Robbie's UPS-made money goes to a room makeover. Red with some black. Carolina Hurricanes? Yu-Gi-Oh?

--New Years Day on a Saturday throws me off. Monday morning is gonna jolt alot of people, I suspect.

--Oh, and it sure didn't feel like New Years Eve/New Years Day. For the first time, last night driving home from Stafford and moving Daniel, Krista and Cora in, it didn't "feel" like NYE.

Bring on week 17 of the NFL! :)

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