Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Early Wednesday Random Thoughts.....

Our first two deaths of note for 2011:

1) Gerry Rafferty--I owned several 45s of his music in the late 70s; he was easily one of the most underrated male pop vocalists of that era. One reason? Radio played "Baker Street" to death and ignored other songs that were as good or better (Home and Dry, Get It Right Next Time, Right Down The Line, The Royal Mile....). I suspect some thought all these years he was a one-hit wonder. Only 63. Sad.

2) Hanover County loses a fixture as Gospel Chickenhouse founder Ray Pollard passed away at age 89. I remember it opening in Montpelier in the 1970s and going there as a little boy and all the excitement that little idea on a farm generated then, and continues to do so. Ray may be with the angels, but the ministry, I hope, will keep on rolling (if I may use an egg analogy).


TV, RADIO, INTERNET, et al.......CUT the Christmas commercials. NOW! I'm sick of Lexus and Hyundai specifically. It's January 5th. That "December to Remember"? Only a memory now, guys. Enough is enough.


Congrats to Jason Paige for becoming the new Production Director over at Main Line Broadcasting (The Wolf, Liberty, Big Oldies). Good find. I would have loved to have been offered the position, but alas. One day my ship WILL come in.


Note to ESPN---I am available to fill Ron Franklin's position, and will refuse to call any woman there "sugarcakes" or whatever it was he was stupid enough to say. Good Lord, it's 2011, not 1911!


There MUST be more worry than being let on in public around inner NFL circles about a possible work stoppage in 2011. In any other year, with so many coaches on the grill, would we see this little activity? No. Marvin Lewis? Gone. Gary Kubiak? Probably out. Jack Del Rio? Maybe.

But instead, Minnesota keeps their interim (good move!), Dallas may end up doing the same, Carolina is looking at some OC's and DC's around the league, while Jacksonville, Houston, and, shockingly, Cincinnati are staying put. And the name Bill Cowher is not coming up much at all.

All of this non-action is telling me that things aren't as sure-fire for an eventual deal as this fan would hope.

The NFL has THE BEST thing going in sports today, bar none. No one comes close. For the love of Pete (Rozelle), how could these sides NOT go in and just hammer out an agreement to keep this money machine rolling.

Because if they DO have a work stoppage and even the pre-season is affected, it will affect the NFL. They are playing with so much dynamite it isn't funny. Please, do not add 2011 to 1982 and 1987.

Just ask the NHL what cancelling a season does........
Or baseball canning a World Series in the middle of a hot pennant race......

Enjoy the playoffs, gang. It could be all for awhile.

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