Thursday, January 06, 2011

Random Football Thoughts.......

1) Now I'm a fan of Oakland Raiders punter Shane Lechler for two reasons. First, he's a good punter on my favorite team. Second, he's got guts to speak his mind over the inane decision by good ol' Al Davis to let Tom Cable go as head coach. Just as it looks like the Raiders are FINALLY pointing the ship in the right direction, they let go a coach loved by the players. And the old-timers, like Lechler, have now seen six coaches come and go

2) Another bad domino falling here is the development of Jason Campbell. Yes, if Hue Jackson is promoted to head coach, the offensive scheme will stay, but what if he goes to San Francisco? How many times did Campbell have to change offensive schemes during his Washington tenure with their "coordinator coaching carousel"? Coming to Oakland was supposed to end that.

3) They (the Raiders) better keep McFadden and Bush happy. The only way our renaissance continues is with the continued improvement of our running game. Look where Kansas City is thanks in large part to Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

4) Could someone please show Derrius Heyward-Bey the door? Our first round drafting in odd years lately has been, ah, suspect.

2009: Heyward-Bey
2007: JaMarcus Russell (oh my word....)
2005: Fabian Washington (now in Baltimore)

Thankfully, we can look back at 2003 and see success in Nnamdi Asomugha.

2001: Derrick Gibson (retired)
1999: Matt Stinchcomb (retired after leaving for Tampa Bay)

Needless to say I am not holding out much hope for the 2011 Draft, but at least we won't be picking in the Top 5, right? :) BTW, if the Raider War Room needs advice, draft DEFENSE! Only exception is to get a can't miss offensive lineman.


ITEM: Vince Young and Tennessee part ways. Excellent move by the Titans. I don't think Young's career is over, he just has to land in the right spot where there are people who can put up with him. He also needs to stay healthy! And, yes, I'm already hearing rumblings about Vince and the Raiders. Just what we need, THREE possible answers to "Who's at quarterback this week??"

I'll look back at my 2010 Preseason predictions soon. I whiffed on some (San Francisco, anyone?), nailed others (Cincinnati) and was right in saying no team coached by Wade Phillips or Norv Turner would make it to a Super Bowl.......

Unlike most TV and internet talking heads, who now "re-predict" the post-season, since my original Super Bowl picks are alive, I'm staying with them. It'll be an NFL miracle if they make it, but if they do, the Colts and Packers both will have to win three to get there, and Green Bay will have to do it ALL on the road (Indy gets the Jets at home Saturday night in their Lucas Oil finale.....)

We'll see! In the meantime, check out my new favorite weather site, where the buzz is of a possible southern snowstorm come Tuesday.

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