Monday, December 27, 2010

Ad Watch--Taxes and Bob Barker

I am VERY hard to impress when it comes to creative commercials. I've written and produced so many, heard so many, et al, that it takes a really good one to catch my eye/ear and gain my applause.

I've actually seen two in the past hour watching a meaningless bowl game.

1) H&R Block---great answer to the question, "How do you refresh an age old message of 'let us do your taxes'." Send some Block reps to a public location, invite people to bring their past returns, and they'll see what they might be able to find in $$$ that you shoulda gotten back but didn't. The best part? At the end, having the group together with "real people" coming onstage revealing to all in attendance (at a food court, perhaps?) how much "new" money they have thanks to H&R Block.

Old story, told in an effective new way simply by changing the scenery. It's not the stuffy agent talking to someone you don't care about at a cubicle at one of those temporary H&R Block locations. It's now shown as an event. Great work.

2) State Farm---if singing their jingle really changed your life instantly, I'd leave my current insurance, sign with them, sing the jingle and scream "FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT!" But I digress. The newest spot has a guy opining for the one and only Bob Barker, who, in turn, introduces a new car.

Bob Barker never gets old. BUT, State Farm should note that since I've now seen this spot 3 times in 45 minutes, they should worry quickly about rotation burnout (see "Geico" spots!!).

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