Wednesday, January 31, 2007

19 years.....

....and Bonnie has picked up the contract option for a 20th.

I cannot believe we've been married 19 years as of shortly after noon today (hey, none of your business when we consummated it!).

Three apartments, eleven vehicles, one mortgage, one son, one daughter, many hours volunteering at school, about 150 hours a year spent traveling to and from church from 1997 to 2005, countless hamburgers, too many shared newspaper routes to even want to remember, an airplane trip to Kansas City, very few nights apart, many extra hours spent at the radio station (and she'd even spend a few with me, bless her heart), painting the house, vinyl siding the house, gravel driveway, paved driveway, Monday morning trash pickups, school field trips, and, I think, some 400 movies on VHS and DVD.

This is just to name a few numerical details.

From Barney to Blues Clues, a compact car to a minivan, diapers to high school choral outfit....we have seen much. And there's more to come. :)

Now SHE is a true Bears fan, and for good reason!!

I understand Bipolar Disorder; I have it.

I cannot, though, fathom what this lady experiences. My heart goes out to her, NOT for pity, but for sheer amazement at how she battles every day.

And this week's battle is special. Her son's in the Super Bowl. This is a MUST read.

Sunday, I'm rooting for the Colts....and the Bears' #31.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a week......:) :)

This has been a great week for moi. Through no actions of my own, mind you. Others' plans motivate me to things not done in years, I'm reminded of the importance of communication in any way you need to (nothing illegal of course!!), and I see the aftereffects of the breakthrough over this weekend.

It begins Wednesday one week ago (Jan 17) when I received a forwarded email from my niece, announcing to us she was to be wed in one week. After reconnecting my jaw with the face, I talked with my wife via phone. Funny....looking back now this sure sounds like how wifey & I took the plunge.

Circumstances began to develop at the office Tuesday afternoon where I began to flirt with the idea of going to North Carolina the next day....for two reasons. One, to visit a relative, and two, get to the wedding. By late Tuesday, my mind was made up. So I worked ahead as much as I could, told two co-workers about my absence, and headed home.

Please note that I slept that night four hours straight, which is highly unusual (I usually don't go more than three without waking up), so I was getting rest and not becoming nervous.

Let me clue many of you in on the following fact: January 24th marked the 1,333rd day since I last left the Commonwealth of Virginia. This issue has been one of the MAJOR stumbling blocks in my comeback battle against depression. My last visit to N.C., in 2003, was a disasterous weekend which only left me dying to get home. I never wanted to be too far from home.

I made it to Virginia Beach once, and Skyline Drive once, and Charlottesville once between June 1, 2003 and last Wednesday, but never could cross a state line. In past attempts to go south, I would back out the morning of.....the last attempt I got as far as the Burger King drive-thru next to the interstate where I boldly told my wife to take me home.

I know the entire situation has been very negative on my wife and especially my kids, plus my relatives in North Carolina (brother, sis in law, niece, and Dad) would be continually disappointed that I didn't come with the rest of the family.

From the moment I woke up Wednesday morning, I had an absolutely different feeling. NO NERVOUSNESS at all concerning the impending trip. I left around 9:15 and headed south on I-95.

I did not know how I would react when I got to the Virginia/North Carolina border, but I did know that I was getting more excited as the miles past, whereas anytime in the past 3 1/2 years I would have been getting closer and closer to throwing up, most likely.

At exactly 11am, the van crossed the border into North Carolina, my eyes full of tears, my heart filled with joy. And looking back, I think going alone was the way I had to do this. It was me, CD's, the radio, and God, for four hours down, four hours back.

Proving I hadn't been in NC in a long time, I took US 264 East rather than US 64 to head to New Bern, and ended up in Greenville....panicking. The wedding started at two. Time was running out. Yikes!!

About a half-dozen cell phone calls to my brother later, I'd finally gotten back on track. He told me to meet him in a parking area where workers at a plant park their cars, then head over to work. I almost past the road he referenced without realizing where I was; it came together, and I slammed on brakes to turn into the "parking area", which I should have known, was an area of dirt and sand with several strategically-positioned ruts. After all, I am back in North Carolina. You don't need asphalt to create parking there! :)

I followed him to the church and arrived at 1:59pm. I was greatful to find out the wedding would start late, and NOT because of me. In fact, the bride (my niece) pulled in the church lot (which is paved) right behind me. My appearance was not revealed to her, so she met me at the van and gave me a big hug.

I went in the church, met people and figured out how to photograph this event, well, kinda. No one ever nominated me for "photographer of the month", but I ended up doing pretty good.

There weren't more than 20 people at the wedding, which was a very close-knit affair. I'd never seen a service like this before and probably never will. No one sat down. No one. The family and friends gathered all stood behind and around the happy couple. It wasn't bro had proper room to give her away and step back, was the most intimate wedding scene I've ever seen and you could feel the joy of the couple, and of everyone else in the sanctuary.

Simply put, it was cool. My niece whispered her vows (did she really say them, Pastor?? j/k) and it only took a few minutes. Then it was done, and the avalanche of picture-taking began. There had to be a half-dozen cameras in action before, during, and especially after the ceremony. So, after lots of photo ops with the stars and supporting cast, we headed to the fellowship hall to enjoy the reception. I need to remind myself to post a picture of the cake, because I cannot describe the "bride/groom" just need to see it.

I was MADE to get in one big "family" photo (I told bro afterwards there wasn't to be any physical evidence that I was there...ha!), which I hesitated because, well, I wore a golf shirt and.....ah.....shorts. I didn't expect the affair to be quite as fancy as it turned out to be (my bad!)

Then we cleaned up and went back to Uncle Frank's house, where the bridge/groom eventually arrived. I enjoyed conversing with the groom's dad and sister from Iowa, and about 7pm, I realized I had to get on the road. So, I made one of the two trips I'd planned. I should've known my original itinerary was too much.

The four hour drive home felt like it took 90 minutes. It was the nicest trip home from NC I have had in years and years. What a day.

472.6 miles driven...left 915am, arrived home 1109pm. Richmond to New Bern to Richmond.

As I told my wife, as for the "ball and chain" of being petrified of being far from home, not only did I unlock the chain and walked away from that stupid ball.....I took the key, unlocked the chain, took it off my ankle, then lifted the ball with my good arm (hee) and proceeded to slam the ball into the ground, smashing it to bits.

That part of the depression recovery is DONE!!! And I made sure to take my niece aside and personally thank her for being the one responsible for this all happening. :)

There was only ONE disappointing event of the day, other than not making all hoped-for stops.

I didn't get to Smithfield BBQ (see a few posts down). But it was much more important to get to know new family members than eat hush puppies. I'll get them soon. :)

So, to Daniel and his new "Marine wife", my niece, Krista...congratulations and all the best. And lots of prayers for protection for Daniel, who returns to Al-Sadr, Iraq for another tour in February.

Then Friday night I was reminded that the best way to handle concerns, problems and insecurities was to talk about them (especially since the person involved gave me that good advice!), and it relieved worry and restored peace.

Then I woke up at 1130am Saturday and didn't have to go back to bed just hours later.

Then I slept in today to 230pm (didn't mean to sleep THAT late), then worked/enjoyed the rest of the day.

For those of you who have battled/are battling depression, you know where I've been, and some of you know where I am now. And I pray all of us, together, will, in our own journeys, be able to take off those chains and smash the balls into bits, getting another step closer to the man I'm supposed to be, and the person you're supposed to be.

1,333 days. It's over. Let's move forward. :)

Friday, January 26, 2007


I have SO MUCH to blog about. So, I'm gonna go to bed and rest up before I share all the good news.

That's right, "all the good news". Us depressed people ain't supposed to say that, are we? :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

"24", Day 6....10am to 11am

This won't be five-star live blogging tonight; I'm off my game, but I don't want to miss "24".

"Why do people I know keep dying?"---Chloe O'Brian

"Not after this!"---Jack Bauer

Wife notes that our friends Greta and Heidi are happy again this hour since Jack hasn't changed out of that shirt. You know, it shows off "chiseling". Wifey likes it, too, she's just kind enough not to rub it in.

"These people want to live in the Stone Age, I say let them."----Feisty Admiral

"Would you like some mineral water, Mr. Assad?"---Morris O'Brian

"How will you be putting a wire on him?"---Sandra Palmer, who is universally despised by all "24" viewers I've spoken to. Why does she want to know? Does she do wiring of suspects part-time?? She came from the same gene pool as David Palmer????

Hmmmm......finally, some background on Jack. Let's see lots more, I want to learn Jack.

SHOCKER!!!----Greg Bauer??? The baldy guy???? What???? How does Jack not know this last season? I need to look back into their interaction then.

"Whatever's going to happen next, I'm sure it'll be in another city."---Greg, evil brother of Jack.


Is it time now for our first "babe with a gun"? Or our first "Kim Bauer" be-a-like?

Is it me or is this guy in detention look, from his profile angle, just a bit like Dick Morris?


"You know that's Jack's son."----the wife

Jack never was the "house guest" type. And, Jack has many uses for cords from lamps.

"You're hurting me now!"----Greg
"Trust me, I'm not."----Jack

The President speaks..............."did the guy change the teleprompter?" (The wife).

Well, that we don't know, but we do know Jack has multiple uses for a trash bag as well.

Next the father, wonder what sister-in-law is doing glued to the bannister, and, what'll happen to Karen.

I doubt Chloe gets time to check out The Price Is Right.

Friday, January 19, 2007


When you come across a blog that is written not only by someone who actually knows what Smithfield BBQ is, but actually realizes it is the BEST BBQ in the history of the world, you take note!!!

So, please welcome Amy, aka Aidensmamma, as she proves she's from North Carolina. I oughta know. My mom and two siblings were born there, grandparents lived there, brother and father live there now. And, secretly, I've always wanted to live in Johnston County and work in Raleigh. :)

Click here and enjoy!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"24" in the news: the annual Muslim uprising.....

I honestly believe most Muslims in the United States do not feel to the extent that Rabiah Ahmed does.

Check out paragraph four of this article. The grocery store??? I don't remember running around Ukrops this morning trying to find an evil Muslim terrorist.

Then skip down to paragraphs eight and nine, where Fox simply makes sense in their explanation of "24" in its entirety.

Glenn Beck is so right; the best hope we have for an end to Islamic extremism is for the TRUE Islamic community to arise and take back their religion. Push the extremists exactly where they belong---first to the fringe, then over the cliff.

Then, there won't be as many concerns about TV portrayals, or taking visits around town.

AND.........for those of you people who are so hateful, biased, and stupid enough to continue to look at all Muslim-Americans as the murderer coming after you? Do this instead........

.........when you see a Muslim-American, take all your negative energy and think of Osama Bin Laden. HE'S the murderer coming after you.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hours Three and Four: 8am to 10am far, at :18 after the hour...

1) This Palmer will negotiate with terrorists.
2) This Palmer has little sense and no backbone.
3) Jack had to get at least SOME exercise during his China excursion, though his driving skills are certainly rusty.
4) Wifey reminds me each season a "family" in typical America gets involved.

Oh, and brilliant the plan of Jack to create the fender-bender. But Assad won't make it to 9am.

8:21am---meanwhile, at Palmdale, the Gap Band is singing "Party Train" as the buses come to pick up the terrorists, ah, freedom fighters, for their field trip.

THOUGHT OUT OF NOWHERE: Why doesn't it ever rain?

8:23am---Curtis adds to fuel in Jack's mind about "can he do this anymore?" He's changed. Really changed. Jealous? Yep.

8:25am---didn't they teach "expendable teenager" not to go after terrorists with dirty dishes in middle school?

THOUGHT OUT OF NOWHERE II: For those of you who want "non-stop action", this may not top Season Five.

THOUGHT OUT OF NOWHERE III: "24" will be alot better once this road is traveled. I mean, who really IS Jack? If he doesn't know, who does? I know, I know....other than Chloe....

THOUGHT OUT OF NOWHERE IV: I could have married Chloe. She's like my wife, only my wife doesn't snarl, talks more, and gets the cutest look with her nose and eyebrows when she smiles.


Back to work.....

Is it me or is the lady playing Sandra Palmer just bad? She sounds like she's reading cue cards!!

And I thought people were scared to come out of their homes. Why the protesters on the sidewalk chanting? Did they have the signs in mothballs just in case they needed them??

Whoa. Are we seeing a developing undercurrent of a political statement regarding civil liberties during a time of unrest? Maybe the FBI is using the old copy of the former Vice President's martial law plan from some 18-20 months ago.

It's almost 8:42.

Chloe quote: "You mean like I'm doing already?"

PREDICTION: By 9am, Assad is dead, the lead will be, too, and they'll be serving sandwiches in the Palmdale Moving Cafe.

Curtis IS doing his job. But he's not supposed to have the smirk. Hmm......

QUOTE TO REMEMBER: Jack just said, "too risky"???? More doubt.

CORRECTION: Well, there's some action after all. Nice explosion.

WIFE IS RIGHT I: Let them get on the plane, then bomb it. I agree.

QUOTE TO REMEMBER: "Their President gave in to us.", terrorist talking to Fayed, the really, really bad terrorist.

Chicken President, doubting Jack, the real President only available to hawk insurance for another season. WHAT WILL WE DO!!??!!


Ready to see "wussy neighbor" get tough? Well, that should be enough headbutts to the floor.

THOUGHT OUT OF NOWHERE V: C'mon, there MUST be new technology regarding computers that Jack doesn't know! Computers are revolutionized in 18 months!!

Wow! Quickest appearance by a mole in "24" history!!!!

Assad is alive, and we head for 9am.


Best commercial of the hour: Tostitos--"Mommy and Daddy Wrestling".


9am to 10am.

Lesson #1---President Palmer can say "nuclear".

QUOTE TO REMEMBER: "I don't think I'm up to it.", as well as, "I'll do my best."---Jack Bauer

On this day, Jack's best will NOT be enough.

What's Curtis gonna do to go against Jack? "What did the Chinese do to you?", he said to Jack.

Hmmmm......would you trust the last nuke built by the Soviets? Is it gonna work? Quality control? Did they have it in 1990?

Is this the FIRST PAY PHONE used on "24"? Probably not; just wondered.

Well.....Mom dialed 911 after all. "Can't say I blame her", says wifey.

CO-WORKER THOUGHT: She says the White House goes up in flames tonight. We'll see.


Trust the Ambassador? Let's talk to Jack. Let's talk to Assad. Let's see Curtis' eyes leave his head.

Now the President's sister is going berserk, and here comes goofy hubby, now killer and deliverer of all things nuclear.

Tom Lennox. Hmmm.....Tom Lennox. Remember his brief appearance last season.

Jack now goes after this season's "Beh-roos" (can't remember spelling). He's barely alive.

The address is in Valencia. Hope they pick up some fresh-tasting orange juice!!


Okay. Rush Limbaugh says the "gosh-I-can't-believe-they-did-that-moment" at the end of this hour is the biggest of the first eight. So, hold on folks.

Well, now we know the Curtis/Assad connection, and Curtis is taking it into his own hands.

Curtis is gone. Jack now breaks. This puts him over the edge.

"I'm done."-----Jack Bauer



That's why.

Nothing more to blog. The last ten minutes said it all.

LIVE Blogging is next!

Quick thoughts on first two hours of "24" last night:

1) Jack's return seemed overblown (size of aircraft) and even messianic (hair!), otherwise fine.

2) Line of the night: Jack Bauer, "Drop the coffee".

3) I can see how Chloe was married to the shiny one.

BIGGEST EVENT: Looks like we'll really get to see the "cerebral" Jack this season and see him (gasp) fail. He can't win every time, this isn't DC Comics. I'm chomping at the bit to see a whole new side of character development from him.

And Chloe's dressing one step closer to get Jack to fall for her!! Fact is, he already is; he's too busy to know it yet.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Possible sponsors of tonight's season premiere of "24"....

The official "groomer" of Jack Bauer post-China.

The new "hip" vacation trip for "24" wonks who want to feel closer to Jack......

The last "hip guy" to speak softly and carry a lethal weapon....

During a local break, a guide to those who'll help you make sure your "ex" doesn't show up at the worst possible time......

Hi, I'm Jack Bauer, and whenever I save the United States, I count on these.....

...disclaimer: make sure you carry four of them to guarantee you a good day and a half of signal.

Stylish CTU leaders, even on the most trying day, look great with this accessory.....

The official wardrobe provider of Karen Hayes when she's not on duty.....

....and finally......the product that describes Curtis Manning perfectly.

Off to the "24" bash!!!

Boy, this sure hit the nail on the head!

My thanks to my favorite blogger for the link to this one.....

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful
You've got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog.Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights.A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time.You blog for yourself - and you don't care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Well, Chloe fans, it didn't take THAT long for eight months to pass.....

THE weekend is finally here.

Think about it......

---excellent playoff football weekend
---maybe for you a three-day weekend (yes for my wife and kids, me? Not so much)
---and the most anticipated event of 2007 arrives.

"24" IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

You think nearly eight months has been hard on us fans to wait, think about JACK!! He lived thru 18 months in China! Somehow I don't think we'll see pictures of him, sunglasses and sunhat on, camera around his neck, touring the Great Wall.

I hear TREMENDOUS things about what we'll see as the day unfolds. Rush Limbaugh has seen the first eight hours and says the first four will leave you shaking your head, especially hour four.

AND, I'm happy to announce that the site of last May's "24" Season 5 Finale welcomes us again to the "Season 6 Premiere" of the BEST SERIES ON TELEVISION!!!

Did I mention that "24" was the best series on TV? For my money, it's the best episodic television series EVER.

Remember, before "24", networks never dreamed of "fall finales" and "16 new episodes in a row, no repeats", as ABC is now touting with "Lost" (which they've screwed up royally, and I mean from a scheduling and promotion standpoint, I don't watch the show.)

Have a series with 24 new episodes in a row, with the season only lasting four months???

It worked.

If Kiefer fulfills all three years of his new contract, we'll end up with Season Six, then seven and eight, PLUS, don't forget there's a movie in the works.

Face it, it's the decade of JACK! Well, for most of you "24" aficionados......

For me, it's the decade of CHLOE!!!!!!!


SO.......we'll blog about the first two hours airing Sunday night before Monday night's show, then we will resume an "All Things Witham" tradition:


Blog ya Monday, at 8p eastern.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Political strategy in the Men's room......

So, I stop by the restroom before I leave the office tonight, and someone had left a newspaper on the floor.

Who do I see? Nancy Pelosi (plus Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid). You may insert your own joke here, I will resist the urge.

Nancy says Congress will not allow the President to send in more troops to Iraq.

Which got me to a politican..........

The LAST thing that ANY of us should politicize is the situation in Iraq. It puts our troops in more danger, first of all, and secondly, we are talking about the most sensitive region in the world (always has been, always will be).

Will "politics" inevitably come up in a frank, honest dialogue on the subject? Sure. What I'm speaking of is "using politics to further your political career/agenda/ambitions".

So, I started thinking like a politican who only wants to look good and get re-elected.

Let's say I'm George W. Bush. I hear the cries of the new majority on Capitol Hill and say, "Okay, let's do it your way."

Bush goes to the Iraqi Prime Minister and announces that all United States military personnel will be out of Iraq no later than December 31, 2007. So, they've got a year to get their own house in order.

Now, we know the following would most likely occur:

1) Terrorists and terror sympathizers would continue their sectarian attacks and count down the days until 01/01/08. More and more Iraqis will die.

2) After January 1, 2008, when we are "gone", it's most likely that the government there now could last, say, 30 days. So therefore, all-out chaos ensues and contributes to the destabilization of an already destablized region. Plus, with no blanket protection by the U.S. and coalition forces in their way, the attacks become bombardments.

3) So, by the 2008 political conventions, it could be argued that there would be more Iraqi deaths in the chaotic first half of 2008 (as well as maybe a threatened invasion by Iran, Syria, or both) than there were in 2007, or in 2006, or in 2005, etc......when the U.S. still had a presence., to score possibly debilitating points to Hillary, Barack, whoever......the GOP can, at their convention, point to the Middle East and say, "Look how all hell has broken loose since our forces left. Yes, there were big problems while we were there, but there was some level of stability. There is none now. We have the Democratic Congress to thank for our role in the year of hell that is 2008 in the Middle East."

The Dems nominee would (correctly) remind the electorate that it was the GOP that led us into Iraq in the first place (which McCain, Guliani, etc. could retort that Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and John Edwards voted for the war, too).

I don't like thinking like a political think-tank. My above logic is only trying to protect my political future, and not the deaths of innocent people.

And, oh, by the way, while we continue to disintegrate as a society pointing fingers......who's minding the store called "Friends of Israel"?

God forbid........

It's Mary Lynn! Not Chloe this time.....Mary Lynn....

I catch the start of Letterman Friday night to discover Chloe was going to be on!!

So, I waited, and she was the final segment, and certainly worth the wait. It was the first time I really got to see 100 percent Mary Lynn. Almost any other time you see her in the media, it's always wrapped up in conversation about her "24" alter-ego. Dave actually brought up things like, holidays, and her New Years Resolution. If you want to know why Dave was willing to help her fulfill the resolution immediately, click here.

I like Mary Lynn even more than I like Chloe. :) You go, girl!!


I still say that when "24" finally sails off into TV history, it will include Jack and Chloe finally getting together. Imagine their children! A combination of scowl, patriotism, and the ability to break someone's fingers when necessary. Feel sorry for their schoolteachers!

Why do I insist on this? Simple, since Jack's wife died in season one, there's been no other woman he's been able to fully, fully trust. When he is in his biggest crises, he calls on who?

Chloe. Every time. Her answer to him pretty much always comes two-pronged:

1) "I don't know if I can do that, Jack!"---said in an insistent whisper, always reminding him of CTU Protocols, lack of computer availability, et al.

2) "Okay, Jack; I'll see what I can do!"---with a scowl, but a scowl filled with passion.

We are 166 hours away from season six. Whoo hoo!!!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Winning Numbers 2006: The Final Tally

Our overall 2006 winning number:


Must do better in 2007.

December's Winning Numbers....

.....10, 18 and 28.

This Nation has NO immigration problem....'s more like how to handle a mass exodus.

I am speaking, of course, about The Raider Nation. Just a few years back, the Oakland Raiders won the AFC Championship and headed to Super Bowl XXXVII. Early on in the game, John Madden (who coached the Raiders to their first Super Bowl at Super Bowl XI), noted how uninspired the Raiders looked. "They're playing for the world championship of professional football", he said, but he was right. They just weren't there.

It didn't help that former coach Jon Gruden was the opposing coach (Tampa Bay), thus he was wise to pretty much know what the Raider game plan would be. The final? 48-21. Our second Super Bowl loss, after three wins in a row. Since then:

2003: 4-12
2004: 5-11
2005: 4-12
2006: 2-14.

Now you know why memberships to the Raider Nation, once auctioned off for thousands, can now be found at your neighborhood yard sale.

So, Art Shell is out as coach after one, ah, dismal season. The last time they finished that bad, I wasn't even alive (1962). Where do they go from here?

There's no quarterback.
There's no running back.
There are loser wide receivers who don't deserve the honor of wearing an NFL uniform.
There's no offensive line.

Now, the defense was rated #3 in the league in 2006, so we have good talent there; a mixture of young guys and vets.

Heck, I can still live with Sebastian Janikowski.....who had to be one of the more frustrated Raiders in 2006, because he doesn't get on the field until the Raiders, like, get in field goal position, or, even more unbelievably, score a touchdown (they only scored 12 the WHOLE season!) Otherwise, he gets to kickoff once at the start of either the first or third quarter, then, that's it. Hey.....maybe I can get a job like that!!

So, we have the top pick in the April NFL Draft. Some thoughts.....


---notice how, when Notre Dame played tough competition, they not only lost, they were trounced (see Michigan, USC, and LSU the other night). He ain't got it. Period. And to think Matt Leinart was still available in round one last year, but, nnnnooooo, we couldn't pick him!!


---Fargas isn't that impressive, and certainly is not a #1 tailback. (Now that Ladell Betts signed a five-year deal with Washington, could we trade for Clinton Portis??)
---Walter is not the QB answer. Sorry. Nice guy and hard worker, I'm sure, but I doubt anything he brought to the table this season made the remaining Raider Nation salivate for 2007 and beyond.


---People have been mistaking this for the past 15 years as "players who play Raider Football equal hoodlums". For those of us who remember the true Raider Way, we know what this REALLY means. May I present.....

---Jim Plunkett, Kenny King, Lyle Alzado, Chris Bahr, Bob Chandler, Raymond Chester, Rich Gannon, Ted Hendricks, Jerry Rice, Bill Romanowski......heck, the best current receiver on the team, Ronald Curry, fits this category.

Real Raider fans know where I'm going. We go get the guys other people think are either washed up, have hit the apex of their career, or just plain old "won't make it in the NFL".

Jim Plunkett......very disappointing years in New England and San Francisco. Injuries, interceptions, etc. San Francisco cut him before the 1978 season. He caught on with Oakland, and rode the bench as insurance for Dan Pastorini.

Dan breaks his leg in the fifth game of the 1980 season, Plunkett takes over, and his last game that year was a victory in Super Bowl XV. Three years later, he wins the Super Bowl again. Jim Plunkett defines a "real Raider".

Add these to some deft draft choices over the years (though except for the past few years), mainly in the AFL days thru the 1980's, and you see why the Raiders were always near the top.

Oh, and Ronald Curry. I know a thing or two about him. Comes from Virginia. Played college football as a quarterback for North Carolina. When Curry was coming out of high school in Southeast Virginia, he got ALL the press. This other quarterback coming out around the same time from the same area, a guy named Michael Vick, got little attention.

Curry's stock plummeted; the Raiders picked him in round seven in 2002. He moves from return man, to wide receiver, thru an injury, and now, arguably, the best receiver on the team.

WHAT??? WHAT ABOUT RANDY MOSS??? Randy Moss doesn't play football. He is a guy filling an NFL uniform who doesn't deserve to. You play 24/7 as an NFL player, or you go to work at the local plant. Bravo to Ronald Curry for NOT giving up, especially after having so much attention fawned upon him so young.


In closing.....

1) If you can't pry Russ Grimm from Pittsburgh, promote Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator, who has crafted that side of the ball to near the top of NFL statistics. They say Al Davis loves to hire "offensive-minded" head coaches. His last choice from the defensive side? Some guy named John Madden.

2) Take JaMarcus Russell as your QB of the future (LSU), coming from the same mold of Steve McNair and, now, Vince Young.

3) If you trade the number one pick, you better get three great picks in return, plus a quality offensive lineman and a third-down back.

4) Memorize the waiver wire and free agent lists post-draft, and FIND SOME RAIDER PLAYERS!! First priority------offensive linemen.

Otherwise, who's gonna protect JaMarcus Russell?

I'm not leaving the Raider Nation---after 32 years as a member, I have tenure. :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise State, Baby!!!

Man! I had no idea how the Fiesta Bowl ended last night until I saw the 6pm news.

Hook and Ladder?
Statue of Liberty play?
Go for two instead of one?

When's the last time you saw a hook and ladder work? Tony Nathan in the Miami/San Diego epic playoff battle in 1981? Probably so.

Can't believe OU didn't smell that when they passed the ball down the middle.

The Statue of Liberty play was just beyond an awesome call.

Oh, and a player proposed to his cheerleader sweetheart live on Fox in the post-game. Pretty cool. :)

NOTE THIS BCS!!!!!-----Boise State should finish NO LOWER than #2 in any and all polls! Winner of OSU/Florida will get #1 (though if it's Florida, let the speculation begin!), the loser should go to #3, or below if Florida gets destroyed.


Editor's Note: New Year's Eve UPDATED

I egregiously left out a major event of 2006.

Please note the 12/31 entry is edited to reflect wifey's 40th birthday celebration, coming in at #3 in the Top 5 of 2006.

Yikes! Sorry.