Thursday, February 11, 2016

The "Rob Witham 500" Begins....A Day Behind....

So, I wanted to start this on Wednesday, February 10th, as, on that day, I found myself exactly 500 days away from my 50th birthday. And after playing down my 25th, 30th and 40th birthdays (the first two due to having newborns at the house, the latter due to a deep depression that left me in bed all that day), I've decided, especially after the heart attack, to celebrate the impending milestone.

As a radio guy, I can't think of a better way to do it than with a countdown, and, since music has been as important to my life as just about anything else, here we go on a unique 500-day musical journey unveiling my favorite music.

As we get closer, I will begin a simultaneous "Rob Witham CCM Top 200", which counts down my favorite music in the Contemporary Christian music genre I worked in for many, many years.

For now, let's begin!

#500: "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)"--Information Society (1988)

The 1980's will dominate this countdown, as it was the decade that began with me in seventh grade, and ended with me at 22, married, and on the radio five days a week. Junior high, high school, college, career, you get it. But don't worry, the 1970's make many appearances, too.

This is a high-energy, feel-good song from a part of the 1980's that I thought was weakest musically (1987-1989). Fun to turn up in the car and sing along. Which I've done. Many times. Thank God there's never been tape running.  :)

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few said...

Man, wish I'd thought of this....a while back of course! This should be a hoot.