Wednesday, March 20, 2013

30 Years Ago---March 20, 1983

This was a great Sunday.

It began with one of those special Sunday morning worship services at our church.  The kind where Dad never got around to preaching.

That's not meant as a cut towards my Pop.  :)

Sometimes, a random testimony during the announcements would turn into a testimony session, and as God's Spirit moved in the church, people were truly moved and truly blessed.  That's what we had going on this Lord's Day and I remember it to this day.  My testimony was a thank you to my Dad for all the evenings he spent taking me from Beaverdam to Ashland for play practice at school, waiting on me by going to his second job place, Ukrop's in Ashland, and chewing the fat with employees until it was time to get me.

No big deal, right?

Well, it was, considering he had to turn around and get up at 3:45AM to go to work the next morning.  It makes my trips to take and get Rachel from Glen Allen (a simple 6 mile roundtrip) extremely easy by comparison.

Then it was home to watch N.C. State in the NCAA Tournament Second Round, this time against UNLV, a 28-2 team. As usual, the Wolfpack fell behind, and, as usual, they roared back just at the right time.

Thurl Bailey got a rebound after batting the ball off the backboard to himself, and his put-back gave State a 71-70 win and a trip to the Sweet Sixteen.

Another nailbiter, another win!

And the Road To Albuquerque continues.....

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