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LIVE BLOG: Election Night 2010

Alright friends, at 10:50pm, I end live blogging. More tomorrow. :)

10:45pm: CBS reports money advantage to the GOP of $100 million this election cycle, out of around $3.2 billion spent. Sharyl Attkisson admitting, "not as big an advantage as people were saying". I'm telling you, they're smoking weed at the CBS Broadcast Center tonight.....Eric Cantor on CBS in a few, BTW.

10:43pm: MSNBC says nothing from White House tonight. Oh, I'm sure. They've buried their heads in their hands. Tomorrow's 1pm Presser should be very interesting.

10:41pm: US Chamber of Commerce gave $750K to Feingold's opponent in Wisconsin. Oooh....spooky! LOL!!!

10:37pm: Wilder thinks Americans don't mind taxes. He didn't hear the electorate tonight. MSNBC now calls Feingold a loser in Wisconsin, saying it was "close all night", though it is a 15 POINT MARGIN. Wonder if Olby has urinated under the desk yet tonight? Oh, and when a Dem loses tonight, MSNBC always blames "outside money". Robinson says Feingold losing is a "shock". He doesn't listen to the American people, does he?

10:36pm: Doug Wilder on MSNBC admitting he gerrymandered Bobby Scott's Virginia Congressional District 20 years ago. Thanks, Doug!!!

10:32pm: More GOP gains in the House. MD-1, LA-3, PA-7, PA-10, ending Carney's four-year run. My friend Blonde Sagacity must be happy.

10:27pm: Palin vs. Ferraro on Fox News right now. Geraldine calls Pelosi, "smart as hell". Apparently not smart enough to keep her Speakership.

10:23pm: Diane Sawyer wants to know Ed Rendell (D-Pa)'s "feelings" because she heard something in his voice. Oh, God. BTW, will Sawyer be drunk on the air again like she was after the inauguration of her buddy, Barry?

10:17pm: Chris Matthews recalls Obama's 2004 DNC speech when he talked about exceptionalism of America and he wishes he'd go back to that. Chris, he won't do that. Remember, he doesn't believe in it like the typical American does.

10:14pm: Laura Ingraham notes how the China/Free Trade issue being big in 2012, especially since it may have saved Sestak in Pennsylvania. Indeed, China SHOULD be a big issue. We owe them way too much! On an unrelated note, Laura looks like she's got a bad cold. :(

10:11pm: Meanwhile, back to PMSNBC. "People are frustrated with lack of progress. We're not moving our economy fast enough."---Ed Schulz Duh. He doesn't think Tea Partiers know how to create jobs. Oh, and now he bemoans the "corporate contributions" that will be around for 2012. Like Dems can't raise any corporate money. Heard of Harrah's, Schulz??

10:06pm: ABC's Jonathan Karl speculates on Pelosi's future. She stays if the GOP majority is just a few seats. If it's a drubbing? "Virtually everyone I've spoken to says she would go back to California....", i.e.---she'll be gone. Diane Sawyer steps in to defend her.

10:04pm: "It is a big referendum on Barack Obama...."---Katie Couric. Bob Schieffer concurs. "The Administration raised these expectations above the moon."--Bob Schieffer.

10pm: Katie Couric muddles her way through a CBS News update. Stop drinking, Katie! Meanwhile, the returns begin from Nevada. Meanwhile, Donna Brazille leaves CNN for ABC. "This is a woman who fought for America's families,", Brazille says about Nancy Pelosi. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Donna.....

9:56pm: "We feel really strong about the ground game there....", DNC Chair Tim Kaine on the Nevada Senate race. Must be talking about the union thugs desperate to get their rank and file on buses at Vegas casinos to vote. Don't know what I'm referring to? Click HERE.

9:51pm: Doug Wilder now on Fox Business. Three GOP pickups in the House in Virginia alone tonight. Wilder: "It is big", commenting on GOP picking up PA Governor slot. Wilder: "If Democrats don't get their act together, they're gonna be some tough times coming about....", as he notes the 2012 Presidential Campaign, correctly, starts tomorrow.....

9:47pm: My thoughts going in were a gain of 62 seats for Repubs in the House, 7 in the Senate, giving us a split Congress. We'll see......

9:40pm: Christine O'Donnell concedes, a moment of glee for MSNBC, as they are talking of how big the margin of victory is. They talk of how her future as a polished TV personality and so she'll end up at Fox News. O'Donnell talks of the losses in the "Palin column". These guys have NO clue. Matthews says the Tea Party will be around in two years. DUH! Eugene Robinson asks, "which Tea Party?" Poor elites, they don't understand anything grassroots.....

9:35pm: Liberals across the nation are peeing in their pants. Marco Rubio giving an incredible speech. 2012, anyone?

9:31pm: Marco Rubio speaks in Florida after winning the US Senate seat. Goodbye Charlie Crist. Wonder if MSNBC's panel will spend time talking about how a Latino-American won tonight.......nah, he's the wrong kind of Latino-American!

9:29pm---Screw MSNBC, turn on CNBC! Spirited discussion on debt, spending and the future! Robert Reich is getting his head handed to him. 48 percent of voters on CNBC's exit polling say repeal health care, and 40 percent disapprove of Obama. Carl Quintana says he and Money Honey's jaws are "on the floor" over those. If they'd been listening to America the past year, they wouldn't be surprised at all.

9:25pm: "We have to talk about the spending, that will take care of the deficit."---CNBC Commentator Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich. He doesn't respond.

9:22pm: "The rebuilding starts tomorrow."--Senator Elect Joe Manchin, West Virginia. Will he tell that to Obama face-to-face?

9:21pm: Ed Schulz throws in a "birther" reference. They're all aghast. I love it! Still waiting for the "news anchors" to take over on that network. Oh, they don't have news anchors? What? Brian Williams too busy with those 90 second updates on NBC when The Biggest Loser isn't on??

9:12pm: MSNBC reaction to Rand Paul....

1) "A rousing, if somewhat boilerplate speech..."---Keith Olbermann
2) They debate the quote Paul used as the mantra for his speech, to make him look stupid, of course.....
3) "If you got him under sodium peninthal...."---Chris Matthews
4) O'Donnell tries to kill Rand Paul on stopping debt by having to raise the debt ceiling, which the liberals created, of course. I love it, Lawrence wants to hold us hostage and MAKE US raise the debt ceiling....."worldwide depression!!", he says.
5) Maddow recalls the '95 government shutdown. Oh, I'd LOVE the government to shut down awhile.

9:11pm: Ut oh, Paul used the term "enslaved". Somehow people will say that means he's racist. Oh, those Tea Party Racists......

9:09pm: "America is exceptional because we embraced freedom."--Senator Elect Rand Paul. Let's hold him accountable, Kentucky!!

9:05pm: MSNBC the last channel to join the Rand Paul victory celebration in Kentucky. I know it so pains them.

8:56pm: Keith Olbermann has to cut off Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) due to time, which is understandable, but the least he could do is LOOK AT THE CAMERA when speaking to her!!!! RUDE!!!!!

8:54pm: Sad. Both Luke Russert AND Michael Steele can't pronounce Rick Boucher's last name correctly.......

8:51pm: MSNBC FINALLY calls Alan Grayson the loser tonight in Florida CD8, saying he was a "scalp sought by the Republicans". Couldn't be that his constituents were tired of his work.....

8:48pm: Good analysis by Campaign Carl Cameron on Fox News as to how Manchin helped himself win the West Virginia Senate seat. Manchin positioned himself as a social/fiscal conservative, meaning he, if he keeps his word, would be voting against Obama policies, because his win tonight is only for two years to finish the Byrd term. He faces the voters again in 2012, this is not a full six-year term victory. If MSNBC'ites are celebrating Manchin's win, they sure are grasping at straws!

8:44pm: MSNBC bemoans the loss of an Obamacare vote and will commiserate by talking to a Union head. Their election night bumper music sounds like they're at a funeral! What, no hopey changey for ya? :)

8:41pm: GOODBYE ALAN GRAYSON! There's a dirty politician that got what he deserved!

8:39pm: Rachel Maddow thinks Dick Blumenthal, who LIED about serving in Vietman, would be a great leader for the Democrats on returning veterans issues. Yeah, first he needs to gain their trust, since they SERVED and he DID NOT.

8:35pm: Burr returns from North Carolina. HURT WINS Virginia District Five! That Obama trip to C'Ville didn't work......

8:32pm: I could watch Shannon Bream read the dictionary. :)

8:25pm: How can Maryland send Barbara Mikulski back to DC? Good Lord.....

8:22pm: Just finished cooking hot dogs. I see O'Donnell loses in Delaware (no surprise) and Rubio wins in Florida (no surprise). Tim Kaine is on CNN now spinning like mad. Think his job is in jeopardy??

Boucher and Periello STILL down. Looking good. :)

7:46pm: MSNBC blames EVIL unknown money from Karl Rove-types for Rand Paul winning. No, couldn't be Obama isn't popular in Kentucky. Again, MSNBC and elite Libs say Americans can be BOUGHT and are STUPID. Keep digging your grave, guys.

7:45pm: Time for hot dogs on the grill. More blogging to come. I'm sure it pains Keith Olbermann to say that Rand Paul won Kentucky. LOVE IT!!!!

7:35pm: Hurt leads Perriello by 15, but only about 12 percent of the precincts in. LONG way to go here. Wonder how many votes Jeff Clark has. A friend of mine just told me on Facebook that he's the "third party" candidate that MSNBC didn't bother to find his name or face but are praying he helps Perriello pull out a win.


1) Is anyone in Pennsylvania mourning the loss of Arlen Specter's name on today's Senate ballot?

2) Polls now closed in North Carolina and Ohio and West Va. Welcome Rob Portman to the U.S. Senate. We'll be watching you. :)

3) Rick Boucher is behind here trying to hold onto his House seat in Southwest Virginia.....ut oh.

7:24pm----Well, Rand Paul is in the U.S. Senate. MSNBC is hoping third party conservative candidates will derail GOP hopes to take the House, but no one in their graphics department even took the time to find the NAME and FACE of the third party candidate in Virginia District 5. Yet they pray he/she kills Robert Hurt's hopes.

I didn't even know there was a third candidate and TV spots for D5 candidates have been all over the place the past ten days.

The media spin coming up tonight will be monumental, and VERY SAD.

Oh, MSNBC allows "commentators" to anchor election coverage (Olby and Matthews).
Fox News, that EVIL network, does not.

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