Thursday, October 07, 2010

LIVE Blogging: TNA--Before The Glory

9:00pm---Already off to a horrible start, as Abyss "kidnaps" Dixie Carter. Ugh, ugh, and double ugh. He should be fired now that he's the equivalent of "going postal".

And I had such high hopes for the show tonight........

9:04pm---Oh, boy. Eric Bischoff. There's some muscle. Think Eric and Abyss are in cahoots?

9:06pm---Wolfpac, with the Pope playing the role of Konnan. Welcome back to Thunder!

9:13pm---Konnan, er, ah, Pope faces off with Bischoff. Lots of talk about nothing.

9:18pm---Hogan's 8th back surgery. Bischoff offers himself as a sacrificial lamb. This whole Hogan back surgery, Twittering updates.....fishy. Or maybe I've seen one too many wrestling angles.

9:19pm---MICKIE'S BACK!!!!! About time!!

9:26pm---Nice package on the title match. TNA's strongest production element is their backstage work. Looks investigative, rather than staged WWE backstage dialogue.

9:27pm---I was about to tell you to count the fake blondes, but one just showed up in true colors! LOL-----

9:30pm---Miss, ah, Alexandra, no....Miss Tessmacher is watching with a clipboard. So 1989.

9:34pm---Nice to see Mickie back. Hail Patrick Henry hail! :)

9:43pm---Gonna fire Abyss, eh? Well, if I were the boss, I would.

9:43pm---Here comes my favorite wrestler, 10 years removed from when he should have retired! Flair/Foley would have been money......a LONG time ago.

9:47pm---Crimson mask alert! Crimson mask alert! Foley better not go after Dixie with that bat, he'll be fired, too.

9:51pm---Is it possible Flair will bleed out by the time we get back from break?

9:52pm---Hitting Foley with a book. Hilarious!

9:53pm---"For those not familiar with office supplies, those are thumbtacks."--Thank you, Taz!!

9:54pm---How convenient. I mean, I always make sure there's a board of barbed wire near me wherever I go.

9:56pm---Oh, and let's not forget to have a table around, just in case. I'd really be impressed if someone pulled a blender or microwave from underneath the ring, just for variety's sake.....

9:58pm---Wait! Flair's top rope move NEVER works. Look at those boots. I'm glad it's over. Getting too nasty for me.

10:01pm---Please, we can skip the kissing part. UGH!

10:06pm---Wait. In weeks past, they handled office gripes in private. Why not fire Abyss backstage? Will they give him a "future endeavors" box to carry Janice in? I bet he blew severance after kidnapping the boss.....

10:12pm---RVD pleads for Abyss' job? Well how ironic is that?

10:13pm---Ooops, cut off Bischoff live to go to Philly. So far, only noticeable glitch of the night.

10:18pm---Oh no, an Orlando Jordan sighting. Ugh. I bet this quarter hour is the lowest rated of the night. We'll find out in a couple of days and this site will post. Best wrestling news site around.

10:26pm---I am officially lost. Eric Young is nuts.

10:27pm---"Home of the Lethals"? How would you like to move into your new home, and, upon answering the door, someone is on your porch with a Bundt cake saying, "Hi! We're your neighbors, The Deadlies. Welcome to the neighborhood!" :)

10:32pm---Burger King commercials only get worse. No wonder they have problems....

10:33pm---Aw....Dixie trusts RVD. Who's turning?

10:34pm---Oh, dear. The Shore? Hey wait! My son is Robbie!!! HE deserves that name when HE makes TNA! I'm officially throwing a fit..... :)

10:37pm---The clicking noise you hear outside is 300,000 households leaving TNA for another channel.

10:40pm---Another good film package promoting the PPV.

10:41pm---Will the ring intros for the battle royal last longer than the battle royal itself?

10:43pm---Oh, gauntlet style. My bad. :)

10:45pm---Commercial break during an intro during a gauntlet event. Bad move. Should have treated this commercial-free. Makes it a bigger deal, now it feels like any other main event, even with the money on the line. It's the little things, folks!

10:49pm---Jeff Jarrett arrives to the sounds of crickets.....

10:53pm---Wait? ANOTHER break????

10:58pm---And Kevin Nash has the ring.

11:02pm---Do you blame Abyss? He's fighting for his last paycheck.

11:03pm---I hope Rhino isn't paid by the hour......

11:04pm---Can someone remind Samoa Joe to NOT come off the ropes running full steam?

11:07pm---Abyss has a future as a bouncer.

11:07pm---That was a LONG 45 second interval between the last wrestler and RVD. Someone's Timex backstage quit ticking.....

11:08pm---Can someone remind RVD to NOT come off the ropes running full steam? And did Abyss mess up that spot?

11:09pm---Kurt wins $100K. $33K to the government, probably $15K to Karen.

FINAL SCORE: 6.5 out of 10.


1) Mickie James is back!
2) Flair/Foley was better than I thought it would be.
3) Film production setting up angles and PPV.


1) Kidnapping a woman.
2) The continued misuse of Samoa Joe.
3) Any TV time devoted to Orlando Jordan.

FINAL THOUGHT: That thing that Dixie signed was not what Eric said it was. It was probably a form giving Eric full control of TNA, setting up Dixie for her to get duped by "them".

Thank you, and good night. :)

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