Friday, October 26, 2007

Praise God for the rain!!!!

So, so thankful for the past 60 hours of mostly rain! Yes, rain! Remember rain?

Some of us may have 6 inches over the 3 days by the time it's all said and done tomorrow. This is not enough to "solve" the drought, and I PRAY the area jurisdictions KEEP the water restrictions intact for now.


If we get stuck in several days' of dry weather's a little easier to take if I get the news from this lady. :)

Happy Birthday, Uncle Frank! Or...enjoy my latest nostalgia kick....

The World's Best Brother turned (fill in the blank here) today!

My daughter was honored to read the school announcements each day this week on the school TV! One thing she did was announce birthdays....I asked her to slide in "and my Uncle Frank" today, but we thought that may not be the greatest idea. :)


You'll notice lots of YouTube videos lately as I wax poetic (that age 40 thing again?) and find LOTS of wonderful memories from way, way back.

I mean, where else in the world can you find, in seconds,

---The King of 8's from Sesame Street
---The Opening to the Game Show "Whew!"
---One of wrestling's best-ever brawls, circa 1989
---Classic cereal commercials

Right here, my friends! Right here. :)

Enjoy the past posted, and the videos still to come!

P.S.---Good Grief, that's Princess number 9!

It's The King of 8's!!!!!

One of my all-time favorites from Sesame Street!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"WHEW"!!! It's the theme song to "WHEW"!!!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I FOUND THIS!!!! This game show theme song has been in my mind since this aired in 1979-80.

One of my ALL-TIME favorite game shows....

THIS is professional wrestling!!!

Oh, that it would be this way today.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Who do I watch?---Round One

Maria or Alexis? They're making it too hard!! I can't figure out my picture-in-picture feature on my TV, either!!

Gee Peyton, couldn't you have let me down gently?

I mean, I know I look seven months pregnant and I REALLY want to lose some of the gut, but dang!

Peyton, you're no help at all!! But you sure are funny!

A sad day for game show "parting contestants"....

....the co-inventor of Rice-A-Roni has passed at age 92.

See more here.

Now, enjoy some of the greatest "parting gifts" of all time, courtesy of Match Game, with Rice-A-Roni at 3:41 of the video, and, earlier, a special appearance by Rice-A-Roni's little sister!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


---you're Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher. You're up 25 one minute, then within an hour of real time, you've just witnessed a complete collapse of your team at the hands of......


....but moments later you are rescued from the depths of losing by.....


And then, Rob Bironas saves the day. EIGHT field goals in one game; a new NFL record.

I like Rob (other than the name, duh!); last year I caught the end of a Tennessee game where he was going for a 60-yarder to win and I thought, "Lord, it would be so cool if he could make that."

And he did. After the game the CBS announcers asked him what the longest field goal of his career was.

"You just saw it", he replied. He sounded like the kid who just became owner of the candy store. :)

So, did YOU wake up this morning thinking Sage would sling, Kerry would barely carry, and Rob would do the job? What a quarter!


---You have to feel for Byron Leftwich. He loses his job in Jacksonville, then is released, then finally gets picked up by Atlanta. He starts, starts out well, then goes down injured. That simply sucks. We'll learn more tomorrow; hope he's gonna be alright and back on the field soon.


---No team is a machine. The Patriots will not go undefeated. They will probably beat the Colts, but they'll stumble somewhere. I don't think alot of people truly understand the team that was the 1972 Dolphins. They won with a back-up quarterback at age 38 (though Earl Morrall was a darn good quarterback) and in an era with no ESPN, no, no podcasts, no 24/7 punditry on whether "The Fins" could go unbeaten in '72.

For a team to suffer a big injury (Quarterback) and still go undefeated is astonishing. If Tom Brady (God forbid) went down next week, who saves their perfect record?

In closing, I will readily admit to saying I'm biased. I can't stand the Patriots; I am so tired of them (and, oh, they cheated). I hope the Colts can find the chink in the armor. But I'm not holding my breath on it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Profiles in Courage 2007

I'm so glad this young lady left a comment on this rather meaningless blog.

Because I discovered hers, and it is a must read. Hold Melissa up in your prayers, and email her with your support. I will be. :)

Click here. Now. presents "Porn and Pancakes"!

Yep. You read it right. :)

What a bold idea! Click here to go to Chris Harmon's blog here in Richmond; he attended the breakfast, and he has links to newspaper articles as well.

As for Click here.

The latest from Nikita Leonid Putin..... new name for "Vladimir", who shouldn't be taken seriously any longer as a present or future leader of a nation interested in expanding or even maintaining current levels of personal freedoms.

Today he's hangin' with Iran's "President I'm-A-Nim-A-Rod", trying to settle long issues regarding the oil and gas reserves in and around the Caspian Sea. Iran and Russia join emerging world powers Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan in talks, being the five nations that surround the Sea. Russia hasn't occupied them other three before. Ya think Nikita Leonid Putin would nix a move into those areas again for the sake of "Russian long-term security"?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Read this article and see how "happy" a Congressman's wife is......

....she doesn't worry about her health care.

Doesn't she understand, she's paying for it? We ALL are!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm the guy who blogs here.....or, how Hillary wants to bloat your government yet again!!!!!



I'm Rob, and I've neglected my blog.

(therapy group responds...."Hi, Rob!!")

Let's has been spent in the following places lately:

--Press Box calling football game
--Collapsed on recliner
....watching "The War", or Beth Moore, or ESPNews.....

...but with no energy, no fire, no desire to blog.

My philosophy on blogging, as I mentioned in August, is like the Moody Blues' philosophy on recording albums; they do it when they have something to say. If I'm absent awhile, part of the reason will always be I currently have nothing that fires me up enough to fire up the laptop.

That doesn't mean I don't miss blogging. I love blogging, my blog, and those I've come to enjoy and read myself.

So, bottom line--it's nice to be home. Let's rant. :)

ITEM: Hillary Clinton's Secret Partner in the Government Takeover of Health Care!!!

---THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY ITSELF. My 2008 Health Insurance "Enrollment Period" has been as much fun as stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil. Which would, of course, require medical attention, and the vicious cycle would go on.....

The process of signing up has become so complex, so time-consuming, so confusing, that I and others are convinced the real purpose of this maze is for consumers to throw their hands in the air and yell, "I QUIT---GIVE ME WHATEVER!".

And, of course, the era of "you can only have the best health care if you're healthy" has definitely begun. You know, if you commit to having a "health coach" call you and help you and participate on a sports team or join a gym, etc, etc.....

I never saw the term "invited" in an Enrollment book until this year. Invite? What?

The days of Capitalism (you know, if you can afford the best insurance policy, you can buy it!) are fleeting away.

AND----this is exactly what Hillary Clinton had in mind in 1992-93 when she first tried, in the ELECTED position of First Lady I might add, to socialize medicine.

And don't EVEN TRY to tell me it wouldn't be. When Big Brother tells me what doctor I have to see, what hospital I must go to, etc.....that's Socialism. Ask anyone who lived in the Soviet Union. You remember the Soviet Union, don't you?

But's the difference between 1993 and 2007.....back then you could enroll for your health care plan for the next year in about 30 minutes. Getting a referral to a specialist was your biggest worry.

Now? Simple. Let's frustrate the masses with high prices and confused care plans, and one day they'll just say, (like I said earlier)...."I QUIT! GIVE ME WHATEVER!"

And Hillary will be there to answer their frustration.


Don't you understand doublespeak!!??!!

Here's a quote from her website:

The American Health Choices Plan gives Americans the choice to preserve their existing coverage, while offering new choices to those with insurance, to the 47 million people in the United States without insurance, and the tens of millions more at risk of losing coverage.

The Same Choice of Health Plan Options that Members of Congress Receive: Americans can keep their existing coverage or access the same menu of quality private insurance options that their Members of Congress receive through a new Health Choices Menu, established without any new bureaucracy as part of the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHBP). In addition to the broad array of private options that Americans can choose from, they will be offered the choice of a public plan option similar to Medicare.

A Guarantee of Quality Coverage: The new array of choices offered in the Menu will provide benefits at least as good as the typical plan offered to Members of Congress, which includes mental health parity and usually dental coverage.

Now a point or two....

1) Members of Congress receive their health care benefits from....ah....the Federal Government. So, if I start getting their plan, my plan will be authorized by....ah...the Federal Government. Formed by the Federal Government. Controlled by the Federal Government.

2) No "added" bureaucracy. Listen to yourself!! Who needs "new" bureaucracy when you can take the current one and bloat it to a fare thee well. Of course, if one is bloated, don't they then need quality health care? Sorry, got off the subject. Taking care of the health of humans isn't the issue here.

3) Yay! I might get a "public" option! Who gets the invitation to Congress and who doesn't?

Finally, under the heading "Promote Shared Responsibility", here is what the "individual" (you and me) is responsible for:

Individuals: will be required to get and keep insurance in a system where insurance is affordable and accessible.

Excuse me? Required? What if I don't want health insurance? I'm independently wealthy and choose to pay my bills on my own. What do I do? Pay a fine?


One more sentence from Hillary's web-house of horrors.....

Over half the savings (alleged in overall health care costs, parentheses is my commentary)come from the public savings generated from Senator Clinton’s broader agenda to modernize the heath systems and reduce wasteful health spending.

If Hillary can't spell "health", how can she be trusted to take it over?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007