Saturday, October 30, 2004

So much to say....

Let's the 2.5 bloggers faithful to my blog...hee hee...

I've got two Patrick Henry games to review, one I saw, one I missed and regret it highly.

I'll be talking about my early, early morning trip up Route 33 to visit Mama's grave on what would have been her 66th birthday.

I'm closer to completing my 80s CD collection (as soon as I pay that EBay bill....yikes!)

And I've got final thoughts on Bush-Kerry.

Plus, FINALLY (like you really care!)....I will post a picture of me. The others have made it on here, might as well expose my identity for the internet to see.....

I'll be back ASAP. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Circa 2000----the greatest Nana ever, with two of her special pumpkins....Robbie and Rachel, in their younger days (binky included)! Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Not a mean motorcycle Mama by any means, but it is Rachel and her new bicycle....:)  Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Seasonal picture of family; from the beach, now to the pumpkin patch. Rachel, Mom, and Robbie at Ashland Berry Farm, October 16, 2004 (Dad took the picture, of course!)  Posted by Hello

At the twilight hour, a photo of my pride and 1988 Cougar. It gets me there and back again, that's all I ask. It's so nice to have a piece of my Mama still with me every day. :) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

72-86= -14

Boston 8, New York 1, after five.....

Gotta go to bed, but I still can't believe I may (emphasize may, I remember the '86 season while living in Massachusetts) wake up to see that the Red Sox might FINALLY get past those stinkin' Yankees in the most incredible way possible----winning four straight, the last two in "The House That Ruth Built".

They finish this, and there's no way they lose the World Series. Unless, of course, the Cards win their game 7 and it's 1967 all over again....Bob Gibson isn't on the active roster, is he?

My dad is 72. Lifelong Red Sox fan. Saw Ted Williams hit one out of the park at Fenway live!

He's NEVER seen the Red Sox win the World Series.

Maybe it's all about to change.....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I must attend to the dishes that I have soiled with the food that I have eaten....

....wonderful words of wisdom from MoJo JoJo from a classic episode of the Powerpuff Girls.

A few random thoughts, since I haven't really blogged, other than debate and football coverage for awhile....

1) An old, old friend went to my blog, and didn't like the anti-Kerry comments, emailed me, and told me so. I have no problem with that. I just hope they will return at some point to find out that politics is not the driving force of this blog; it just so happened my last entries were done the night of the third debate (you know, that third "Kerry win"...ahem....). Otherwise, I address my response to her privately, not here.

2) Give it up, Sox fans!! Do you honestly think you'll win two in a row against the Yanks in the Bronx? No one has EVER come back from a 3-0 deficit, and of all teams (other than the Cubs?) certainly the Red Sox won't do it. Don't get me wrong--I HATE THE YANKEES!!! But, I'm too much of a realist to get any hopes up at all. And, honestly, St. Louis suddenly looks real shaky. Clemens in the World Series AGAINST the Yankees?? Could be....

3) Let's see....Bush is to blame for the flu vaccine shortage (wasn't there one last year, too, and the frightening headlines soon disappeared...), and you could argue he is the cause of athlete's foot, both the curse of the Red Sox, and Cubs, and why the NHL didn't start their season. I also think Bush is to blame for water flowing downstream, but we'll get confirmation from the DNC on that about any time now.....

4) Work is, work. East coast bias?? Try working for a company who has a major division on the West Coast, and at 410pm their time sends out an urgent email that a radio spot CANNOT air tomorrow and must be replaced with the one attached on the email. Never mind the fact I received it at 710pm. Sadly, I'm there many nights at you know me, off upstairs I go to put it in....

5) We're coming up on October 28th, when Mama would have been 66 and completing her first year of receiving the Social Security benefits she worked so hard for. She's getting MUCH better benefits where she is right now, I can guarantee ya! I just can't help, though, and think how ironic it is, that so many times she would tell me about how it would be once she retired from the bus route at 65; I know she'd spend her time sewing for income and take lots of time to enjoy her garden, yard, and flowers, and travel a little. She only made it to 64. Kinda makes all the talk about Social Security on the campaign trail superfluous to me.....

I haven't decided how to handle the 2nd birthday without her. I'm sure outside forces (namely work and kids' school stuff) will pretty much dictate that decision, but I must return to her's been way too long. But I've gotta go alone; I never have. Not that I've minded the kids going with me, for I've enjoyed keeping her alive with them; she meant so much to them. But I need to have a seat on the ground, sit Indian-Style like I always do, rock back and forth, and just hang out and talk with her, as if we were on the front porch again. Either front porch...the big one at Grandaddy's house/farm in North Carolina when I was a kid, or her front porch (really a side porch) at her house the last 19 years of her life.

I guess it's rather obvious my Mama had a profound impact on my life, and, even approaching two years after her death, I find myself fighting to get "out of the funk" that is depression, a condition she'd never want me to be in. Guess I'd better quit before I start that weeping and gnashing of teeth stuff again....:)


Music I'm listening to: Asia's 1982 self-titled debut album----I enjoy the deeper cuts on this one, rather than the radio hits (which are fine), but Sole Survivor, Time Again, Wildest Dreams, and Here Comes The Feeling recall a great time in my life---summer of '82.....preparing for high school, my first breakup, and all the agnst that goes with being 15 and having acne.
What's worse anyway: acne at 15 or extra weight at 37?

COUGAR UPDATE: I WILL be posting a picture of the Super 88 Cougar, as I've taken a couple on the digital camera. Also caught a rainbow leaving Ashland Berry Farm last Saturday afternoon, so we'll have to try and get that posted on here, too (hope it looks good!)

And, it's late, but----

WITHAM HISTORY: October 17, 1987: Bonnie was stupid enough to go on her first date with moi. She first ordered me not to listen to my Genesis cassette while she was in the car (being the strait-laced Pentecostal girl she was); and now, I can't get her to stop watching Fox News, Lite 98 is her only radio station, and she doesn't mind when my kids sing Moody Blues songs....or Genesis for that matter (had to teach her to live a little...hee hee....)

All for now; I'm gonna catch a nap, get up around 3am, just in time for the 19th inning of Red Sox/Yankees game six.

Game VI: Douglas Freeman 37, Patrick Henry 33

Oh, the snap of the ball.

Seems simple, almost a foregone conclusion, eh?

Oh, electricity.

We flip on light switches and open refrigerators, blatantly taking the juice that runs it all for granted, eh?

Both come to the forefront at the ol' ballpark Friday night.

First, the broadcast. Coming out of the pre-game timeout, it seems we lose contact with the producer at the station. We sit in confused silence awaiting a cue to return to air that never comes. So, eventually, we just started ourselves. We called an exciting first quarter. Then, as it ended, here comes the station manager into the press box. We were off the air. Not our fault in the booth for once, mind you. They lost electricity at the station on Ashcake Road. Thus, we weren't on the air. So, we waited, and waited, and with about 2 minutes left in the half, power returned to the station, and we were on the air.

So, we took halftime and reviewed the raucous first half, which ended in a 14-14 tie and included some great plays, the best being Stuart May's best pass of the season, a 64-yard strike down the right side to Dean Thomas. Ogun of Freeman took an 8 yard swing pass and turned it into a 64 yard TD pass thanks to no defense on the left side of the field (boy they bit on the fake).

The second half was equally exciting. PH goes up 21-14, then Freeman scores twice to take command, 28-21. The key to it all was PH being first and ten at their 22. That's when the quarterback/center exchange, messed up twice against Deep Run with no damage, came back to haunt them. Freeman recovered and scored that 2nd TD to retake the lead.

PH returns and scores, but the kicker goes wide left with a kick that had an awkward spin on it, leading us in the booth to believe it may have been partially blocked, since Freeman got great penetration. (Coach Long would later tell Stubby after the game, using a four-letter word, that it was just a shank).

Then Thomas mishandles a punt at the 9 and is tackled at the 1. PH, one point behind, and 99 yards to go. They can't get a first down, so, smartly, May takes the fourth down snap in the shotgun and runs through the end zone for the safety. It's 30-27. Freeman gets the ball back. It's their game to win, and they take it downfield to score with under three to go. It's 37-27.

But PH keeps going---a great pass to Troy Leftwich, with tremendous running after the catch on his part, put PH in a position to score, which they did. 37-33. Extra point to make it a 3-point game.
Clunk. Wide left again. You really felt sorry for Neale. He's been so accurate this season until this half.

He gets a redemption shot. Down four with under a minute left, it's onside kick time. In high school, rather than the traditional onside kick you see in the NFL, they do a "high pooch" kick, trying to have the ball land between the two lines of the return team, so they can run as fast as they can and basically commence a rugby scrum to recover the ball, as you know it'll be past the ten yards needed for the ball to become live.

Problem was, he kicked it not 20 yards, but 34 yards, into the waiting hands of the return man. Game over. I've never seen Coach light into a player like he did Neale as he came to the sideline. Long after the game, I look down, and Neale is still on the sideline, helmet on, over by the kicking net, as an assistant coach talks with him. Boy, I hope this one doesn't get too much in his head, for I suspect the team will need him to nail a long field goal before all is said and done this season (his career long is a school-record 50 yarder).

So, PH is 4-2, 2-1 in the District, and have to go to Godwin Friday night. They must win for their playoff hopes to stay alive. Against Justin Bristow's arm, that won't be easy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Blatantly stolen from another blogger, this looks like the next four years if, God forbid, that Massachusetts guy wins... Posted by Hello

Mr Kerry, about quoting James....

Senator Kerry, a correction on your use of the quotation from James, that, "Faith without works is dead".

By simply working, by whatever definition you want to call it, does NOT show that your faith is not dead. In fact, it is the fruit found in your labor which proves whether or not your faith is dead.

And according to the leaders in the Catholic Church.....your faith is dead.


Invitation to disaster??

Kerry says private accounts for people like me are an "invitation to disaster".

What he really meant:

"You're not getting a penny of your Social Security money, and by the time you're old enough to get it, I'll be dead, and my offspring will be well taken care of anyway....."

He's doesn't trust me with my money; he doesn't trust me to choose on health insurance.....

Gee, I trust my cat more than he trusts me....and I hate cats!

Quick debate thoughts in progress...

1) Notice when John Kerry talks about his health insurance, on many occasions, he says he will "allow" you to do this, that, or the other. "Allow" is much different than giving one a choice. He's gonna make you bow at the feet of the government. Period.

2) I don't drink, and I pray no one thought of this idea....

Drinking game---every time Kerry says the word "plan", take a drink. Better get the cops all over the roads tonight, DUI's will be way up. :(

Monday, October 11, 2004

Okay, finally...."A" or "O": What's the Difference?

I've been promising this story for a long time, and the time is here.

BY THE WAY, BEFORE I START---I'm posting twice tonight, so don't miss the recap of Patrick Henry's win last Friday night below; they're now 4-1, 2-0 in the Colonial District heading into Friday night's showdown with Douglas Freeman.

PTA? PTO? What's the difference? All depends on who you ask.

Here's my story:

My son begins kindergarten at Longdale Elementary School in September 1997. I'm the "stay-at-home-dad" at the time, finishing work on my bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies (Finally!) and caretaking for Robbie and his newly-born baby sister (as pictures on this blog attest, they're not little anymore!)

My first volunteering task at school was being "co-room mother" with my neighbor two doors down, making sure the Christmas....oh, sorry.....HOLIDAY party was done, the treat bags were handed out at special times, etc.

In first grade, my partner moved out of the neighborhood, and I took on being "room mom" on my own, and I survived! Late that year a form arrives home looking for volunteers for the PTA board for the next year. So, what do I do? Sucker fills it out and sends it in. I figure, 1st Vice President, you fill the slate of information or entertainment for the monthly programs, how hard could this be??

The first year was fun, eventful, and I met several people who would become long-time friends. Of course, you know the next step. Alas, I wasn't Dick Cheney, and I became President the next year. Term limits made it so you can only be President for two years, so I served the first year, was re-elected (like, no one else wanted the job, ya know?) and served the second (including dealing with a horrific parental situation, ending several years of bad blood...note I did not end it, but several things did.)

As the second year progressed, I took a harder look at why we were a PTA. I had heard of PTO and began to realize, whether they wanted to admit it or not, the National PTA definitely had (and has) a politically-motivated agenda. Yes, it's true I disagree with their political leanings, which also got me to thinking:

Most people think the way to "volunteer" in their child's school, especially at the elementary level, is by joining PTA. This isn't true, mind you, but PTA's position themselves in schools as the volunteer coordinator. For example, you can volunteer to help the secretaries in the office three hours a week and never become a PTA member.....

So, why should a parent feel compelled (or forced no less)to join an association which will take a portion of their dues and use it to promote political causes diametricly opposed to their views? In fact, especially at the elementary school level, why should there be politics involved at all?

On top of this, we looked at what we, as a local chapter, received from the dues money we sent to the National, State, and County Council of PTA's. Advantages included:

1) Already printed membership cards...

2) Access to an art program sponsored by PTA nationwide called "Reflections"...

3) Group discount on liability insurance....

...and that's about it. At the same time, the National PTO Network (which is not an overseeing group of any local PTO, but merely provides support and networking resources for all parent-teacher groups) sent us copies of their magazine, PTOToday, monthly....even though we were a PTA. I found their magazine to have much more information and many more ideas than "Our Children", the National PTA magazine, which always seemed to gear their articles and ideas around whatever the national "agenda" was at the time. So what if that doesn't apply to your local school??

At Longdale, Reflections was not a very popular program, and, well, membership cards are pretty cheap to print on your own. At the same time, this was a chance to create a truly non-partisan, non-political, parent-teacher group designed first and foremost for the benefit of our kids, at our school, with other designs on reaching out to other communities as well.

One of PTA's biggest defenses against PTO's is the view that PTO's are only "in it" for the kids at their school, and have no power to affect legislation. In hindsight, I look at that view, place it up against their supposed "non-partisan" status, and realize the two cannot live under the same roof. If the PTA, on any level, seeks to lobby (and pays lobbyists) legislation to move a certain way, then inevitably, they will have to cater to one side of the political aisle or the other, based on make-up of the Congress or State Assembly, who's in control party-wise, who are the influential members of that body, etc, etc, etc.....

I've said it publicly; the thought of PTA spending lots of their dues money to pay "lobbyists" just, as a citizen, bothers me, because there is no way you can lobby politically on behalf of every child. It's impossible. If it were, we'd have no two-party system!

Anyway....the year after I finished my two terms, the new President took over, basically disappeared, then resigned, and the first vice-president took over (per the bylaws) and it became her crusade to.....dissolve the PTA and reform the school's group as a PTO. Ironic? What I wanted to see done under my watch was now in progress and I was at home watching the kids while my wife served on the board!

The one aid I gave to PTO in the process was that I agreed to speak on behalf of going PTO at the dissolution meeting in April of '03. According to PTA bylaws, the Board must vote for dissolution, then must give members 30 days notice of a meeting to vote on dissolving the chapter, plus the State/County PTA must be notified and allowed to attend the meeting and have up to 15 minutes to speak to the group as to why they should remain a PTA. The vote also must be 2/3's in favor of dissolving; a simple majority wasn't enough. These are all blanket rules found in every PTA's Bylaws in the USA.

So, the Board followed the rules, and I was asked to represent "PTO" at the meeting, which I did. The PTA brought two or three members from County Council. They were feisty; one was downright rude.

The vote was unanimous, and the PTA dissolved. The PTO was born.

Fast forward to last fall. Guess who was asked to be the first PTO President?? Due to my physical and depression issues, I said I would only if I had a strong first vice-president to whom I could delegate things. Early in the year, knowing part of our school would be rezoned to a new school, I wrote the Superintendent simply asking that there be a meeting of the future school's parents decided whether we would form as a PTA or a PTO, as both organizations were represented in this "blending" of populations into a new school.

I never heard back from him. His spokeswoman later responded, then it was a non-issue until the new principal was named and we took the issue to her. She was very open to allowing the parents decide and eventually wanted to wait until school opened in September so Greenwood's new family could decide in Greenwood's facility what Greenwood wanted to do.

What I didn't know was the County Council of PTA's basically spent the summer badgering the Principal into "going ahead and starting the PTA anyway". Well, September comes and the meeting night is set.

It was real simple; have a forum and let the parents decide. I had already told the teachers who transferred from Longdale to Greenwood last spring that we would be volunteers, helping our new school, whether it was a PTA or PTO. The kids came first. But if there's a way to do it, especially at the primary level, where everyone feels invited and the first focus is on the kids at our school, then I think that point of view needs to be represented.

So, we met. The PTA had its County Council President, two other officials (including the rude one from last year's event at Longdale), and a long-time PTA volunteer from the other major elementary school involved in the rezoning.

The rules were, each group speak 15 minutes, then open the floor for questions, then ballot voting. Parents who could not make the meeting were allowed to vote absentee through the office until 830am the next morning. I had no problem with the format, made by the Principal, while the PTA reps had lots of problems. More about that later.....

Well, our principal left the cafeteria and went to watch the kids that had to come with their parents (like ours) 'cuz they are not old enough to stay home by themselves. Imagine that, the principal volunteered on her own to be the "day-care". How cool!!!!

Only problem was, she wasn't in the meeting to make sure people adhered to the time limits. Why time limits? Because Boy Scouts had a meeting schedule to begin in the cafeteria at 7pm.

My wife noticed the problem, went and got the Principal, took over the daycare, and she came back to the meeting. A Q and A had already begun, though it wasn't supposed to until after both presentations. I sat quietly, not making any protest, biding my time.

She ended the proceedings, noting the time, and the fact that PTO needed their presentation time. PTO was represented by....well...just me. I spoke on the positives of independence, autonomy, money saved, and how many resources were available in many ways that one has to pay the PTA dues in order to receive. I also touched upon the political leanings of PTA and made the argument that any group like that should be non-political, period, and that as a PTA, your bylaws must be approved by the higher-ups (aka the State PTA), so what if they nixed something that would benefit your school?

Several questions afterwards, then the fun began. One question was about dues, since most of a PTA Chapter's dues money is sent to the State and National PTA offices. I noted that some PTO's have no dues at all in order to encourage as much membership as possible. One other parent asked my view after being President in both groups as to which way to go, so I did.

The ballots were given, some PTA officials complained that people got to vote via absentee. The defense was, essentially, how can people vote if they don't know the issue? I hate to upset her, but millions of Americans will be doing just that November 2nd, but anyway....

PTA demanded to be at the vote-count the next morning, so my wife has to go to work late in order to "represent" PTO. They basically "took over" the counting process (funny, I don't remember anyone letting George Bush or Al Gore count votes in Florida 4 years ago), but in the end, the vote was PTO.

Then, the next reality. Oh dear, how do we get this started? I really have little or no desire to serve in an official capacity this year, with continuing personal issues (physical, etc) and the workload at the radio station being two major reasons. Suddenly Bonnie and I find ourselves "the face" of PTO.

Happy to report we announced a volunteer meeting for last week, a "formation committee" was begun to draft bylaws, submit tax forms, set up the positions of the Executive Board, and prepare the PTO to have its first meeting and elections. At the same time, there are also temporary committees handling recruiting volunteers, recruiting members, and starting the dreaded fund-raising.

We all come back together on 10/21 to see where we are, and I hope we can elect a board and get things really rolling no later than November 10th, or around the time Bush and Kerry are fighting to personally count votes in Broward County, Florida.

Let this be known: I KNOW there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful, hard-working, concerned parents across America who work to better their child's school through their local PTA. It is not them that I disagree with. It's the elitist attitude of the "organizations", the "hierachies" of the National, State, and County Councils of PTA's, that claim to speak for all children, when they do not, who will go on "educational tours" with Tipper Gore while the 2nd Lady, and the year before her husband's Presidential campaign (I'm still waiting for the Laura Bush tour to commence, and, oh, by the way, she's an educator!!), and who will, as was the case a few weeks ago, partner with several groups, including MOVEON.ORG, to sponsor a "make our schools a success" campaign. If I'm "non-partisan", I don't partner with any quicker than I'd partner with Concerned Women For America.

It's them I stand against, for I've learned by dealing with their local representatives that I truly believe they've lost touch with why they started volunteering in the first place, and they're now more worried about protecting an association (PTA), and thus helping the kids is a secondary thought. The reason I say this is simple: if I were so pro-PTA, and I heard a school wanted to form as a PTO because it was best for their kids, if I really was "kids first", I'd support them, even though they wouldn't join "my group". Same thing as when I told people last spring I'd volunteer at the new school no matter what the acronym. The kids come first.

But boy do we disagree on the way it's organized.

If you're a school volunteer, the best way to get lots of information is through

Yes, it's true it will slant "pro-PTO", but they do welcome all volunteers of all groups of any acronym. Trust me, the National PTA website,, will not be as willing to help PTO's. In fact, they'll tell you why not to be a PTO.

See?? I told you it was an "interesting" story.....

Same thing is happening nationwide, even right now in Maryland (You may have to "register" to see the article).

Well, now, it's off to beddy-bye. After a nice day off with family, it's time to focus on doing five days' worth of radio work in four days. Being that it's taking 50-60 hours a week right now, the next four days seem rather bleak, don't they???

Game V: Patrick Henry 35, Deep Run 7

Now that's more like it.....

First trip ever for Patrick Henry to the newest high school in Henrico, Deep Run, in the very affluent northwest corner of the county.

A little self-deprecating humor from the Patriots' students, as the team busts through a banner reading "Hicks from the Stix" before the game, and the student body showed up wearing hunting suits.

Tight early on, as PH marched quickly for the first score, but gave Deep Run an excellent chance to immediately tie thanks to a muffed punt. Troy Leftwich ended all that on the next play with a nice interception, but Deep Run would get the ball back, score and make it 7-7.

On the first play of the 2nd quarter, Bruce Mines took a misdirection right side 48 yards to paydirt, breaking the tie and giving PH the lead for good. Up 21-7 at half, they dominated the 2nd half, especially with a classic, long, grind-it-out running drive of several minutes. With five minutes left in the game, Deep Run had only run nine offensive plays from scrimmage. Can't come back from a 14-point deficit like that...

Solid PH performance, in spite of Kevin Wagner's absence due to injury. Now the focus is on Douglas Freeman, suddenly PH's latest thorn-in-its-side. Freeman lost to Hermitage Friday night, so if PH can win, they put Freeman two in the hole in the District, essentially eliminating them from District title contention. Plus, after the two bitter losses the last two years, both at Freeman, PH must be salivating at the thought of finally getting them on the home turf....of course, they salivated at having Lee-Davis at home for the first time in 3 years, too, and we all know what happened there.....

And....BIG PROPS to Coach Ray Long. According to the VHSL, he broke Al Rinaldi's record for most career wins by a coach in the Central Region with win #191. The Richmond paper, though, contends Rinaldi won 191, so Long only tied him this week. Either way, a big win for the coach, and another win Friday against Freeman just seals the deal completely. And to think, I came to PH with Coach Long. He coached at the Junior High School while I was there in 8th and 9th grade, then moved to PH as head football coach when my class moved to PH as sophomores in 1982-83. His first team went 7-3. After so many years of losing, you'd thought we'd won the state title!

Way to go, Coach Long....and the irony of, if they defeat Freeman to give him the record in everyone's eyes, it'll be against the high school where his great father became a Central Region legend in his own right. The name "Long" is certainly revered in high school football circles in Central Virginia, and I'm proud to say part of that tradition has resided at my alma mater. :)

Sunday, October 03, 2004

If Michelle can link to it, so can I...

See, the following explains why I do not approve of PTA....

The term "PTA" will not be found in this article.

What you will find is political correctness gone amok. In the library at my elementary school, we had pictures of every US President lining the side and back wall. When Ford and Carter took their turns, they eventually had their pictures hung.

Well, apparently, in this school, you start a war with acknowledging the leader of your country. As Michelle Malkin points out in her blog...

"Will the Democratic political appendage known as the teachers' union defend this rank-and-file teacher or put its fatcat union leaders' partisan interests first? And would there be any question about where the union would have stood if this had been 1992 or 1996 and the teacher in question had been reprimanded for displaying a photo of President Clinton during the campaign season?"

Answer: Ah, NO! NEA....PTA....same agenda....same politics...don't have the guts to at least admit it.

Thank God for the kids, support the school, and keep the political rats out of the building to tend to their 527's, whatever their view may be.....

Whatever happened to reading, writing, and 'rithmetic?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Game IV: Patrick Henry 43, John Marshall 6

As a graduate and fan, as desperately as I wish to praise the Patriots on their annual thumping of John Marshall tonight, I simply can't. There were actually as many negatives as positives coming out of this 48 minute segment of football.

First, stop committing 13 penalties in a game. Most were 5-yarders (75 total yards lost in all), but that means they're the "mental" errors...offside...false start....delay of game. One time they had 3rd and 1 and a penalty made it 3rd and 6. No gain on 3rd down, they were forced to try a field goal from 37 yards, and it was no good. When you're playing the top teams in the District, you must score those 3 points. In fact, you should get the first down and score a touchdown!

GOAL ONE: Mental focus. It starts with the QB, being in sync w/his line in cadence, and the backs and receivers knowing the schemes of lining up for the play. It's October now, this shouldn't be a problem. Same defensively--stop lining up in the neutral zone.

Second, the playbook. First offensive play, toss sweep left to RJ Waters, 68 yards, textbook work. Touchdown, PH. The rest of the night, RJ averages only 3 yards a carry. Not RJ-like numbers. They are not creating the holes, they are not winning the war at the line of scrimmage, and worse, their best lineman was hurt tonight (Kevin Wagner, his ankle). I hope he's back next week for Deep Run, they'll need him, emotionally more than anything for his leadership.

GOAL TWO: Development of other offensive weapons so other teams can't put 11 guys against RJ Waters. Stuart May had some pretty passes tonight; the WR's must get separation and get open to take advantage of them.

So, there you go. 23-0 at the half, 43-6 the final as John Marshall scored on the last play of the game (they didn't even try the PAT, the refs just called the game.) So, PH is now 3-1, 1-0 in the District. The other "big 3 teams" in the Colonial all won, so it's, as expected, Godwin, PH, Hermitage, and Freeman at 1-0.

Next week, PH's first-ever trip to the new Deep Run HS in northwest Henrico. Might need a visa to get in there (I don't come close to the median income level, you see....) I oughta drive my 88 Cougar to the game just out of spite...:)


Happy to see the weekend arrive. It's a time to gather my thoughts, try to SLEEP, and forget about continuity for awhile.

Robbie's bike was OUR FRONT PORCH!!! After 12 years, I now have my first "bad vibes" about the neighborhood. It's one thing if your kid leaves their bike at the curb or in the middle of the front yard. But this person(s) had to go on my porch, pick up the bike, carry it over a big box, just to get it off the porch to begin with.

So, we'll be distributing flyers to the neighbors, if, for no other reason, to warn them that they'd better be on the lookout. A conversation with a long-time friend 2 streets over revealed a missing scooter and bike over there within the past 3 weeks, so Bonnie filed a report w/the Police to make them aware. We are of the agreement we've got some vagrants in a nearby neighborhood coming through, it's just a matter of which one.

I also have to start the legal process of the PTO formation. Back to school night went well Thursday night, and no one heckled me when I explained the PTO and invited everyone to the Formation Committee development meeting next Thursday night. EIN forms, here I come!

I'm behind in POF (Fantasy Football League Commissioner work)---gotta catch that up. The sermon Sunday is on "the 4th quarter"; just needs development. The Purpose Driven Life series is over, and we're going "series-less", it looks 'til year's end, then to start '05, we're tackling Revelation. Oh, boy, here's a bone to chew on.....:)

Oh, and the highlight of the weekend---besides sleep----the first meeting of the Patrick Henry High School Class of 1985 20-Year Reunion Committee! The '95 committee is basically back intact, and one year from right now (12:26am, October 2nd), we'll be cleaning up at the Hanover Arts and Activities Center at the conclusion of our 20 year reunion. The deposit's paid. October 1, 2005...should be a good night! :)

Oh, and to bring symmetry into the picture (and a close to tonight's entry)-----

The Witham History Moment---October 1, 1981.

My first date. Ever. Took Dawn to the JV football game at Patrick Henry on a Thursday night. She later turned down my offer to "go steady" (how cute), but we stayed good friends through high school, then her life was needlessly taken in 1990 when she was killed in her residence. Hopefully, the killer won't walk the streets again.

23 years later, to the day, I'm back at PH, calling the action on the the dream. But this tickle in my throat is driving me nuts....

More later.....and thanks for listening.

PS---Did you know being President is "HARD WORK"?????

Friday, October 01, 2004

John Kerry and Pearl Jam

But before I explain the title.... wouldn't be a Thursday night without working, midnight and after late. That's why this entry is officially labeled October 1st, even though my mind still thinks "September 30".

The debate: Kerry did a great job "debating"; on the art of debating, he won. Bush used the term "hard work" way too much. You will hear many pundits later today (like they did right afterwards) praise Kerry's performance in Bush's "strong suit".

QUESTION: John Kerry has said, "I have a plan" a gazillion times. Could I hear it, John? What is it? How could you magically bring Germany and France to the table to come help quell the strife in Iraq? Exactly how many UN trips would it have taken to have Saddam Hussein finally say, "Okay, you got me, I'm leaving now. I'm sorry I killed so many Kurds." We tried diplomacy for 12 YEARS.

So, when I have time, I'm gonna take his advice, run over to his website, and then I'll return with thoughts on his illustrious "plan", which he barely scratched the surface on tonight.

Truthfully, neither candidate impressed me with bold ideas or specifics. Kerry relied on how he "would do better", which any opponent uses against an incumbent, and Bush, surprisingly, didn't spend enough time historically capsuling what it meant to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, compared to other times we've done similar things in the 20th century.

Just think, without the U.S., France would be now in their seventh decade under the Third Reich. Think about it.

NOW.....the title.

The most telling moment of my night was long after the debate ended. You're known by the company you keep, plus the people who wish to identify with you. A new CD with music "inspired by Farenheit 9/11" comes out next week, including a song from Pearl Jam, who performed it on Letterman tonight...this morning....whatever....

The last few verses made me hopping mad, and just makes me wanna go up to Eddie Vedder and ask him exactly how he gets off criticizing the President and the military (and do NOT try to tell me he wrote this song about someone or something else), when his ultimate goal is found in the final verse. Look:

"And I hope that you die, and your death will come soon
I'll follow your casket, in the pale afternoon
And I'll watch as you're lowered, into your deathbed
And I'll stand on your grave till I'm sure that you're dead."

That slice of peace, love and understanding coming from another member of the Michael Moore fan club, who, by the way, can't get enough of John Kerry.

I want a President who has a fan who wants to kill another person and "stand on their grave till I'm sure that you're dead"? And, being on a Farenheit 9/11 "inspired" CD, you and I know who that is.

The only thing Farenheit 9/11, and Michael Moore "inspire" me to do is have a case of diarrhea.

FOOTBALL: Patrick Henry later tonight looks to right the ship in its Colonial District opener against John Marshall in Ashland. Stubby and I will be there; the full report once I return home..later tonight...I'm so "calendarly-challenged" right now....