Thursday, May 26, 2011

KATV Little Rock Pre-empts Oprah Finale With Storm Coverage

Awwww.....too bad Oprah fans. Some Little Rock viewers are incensed when they can't watch the finale of their favorite TV show. Click on the title link for some of their choice comments to local station KATV.

A gentle reminder--TV and radio stations are licensed by the FCC. When those licenses are up for review and renewal, a major component is whether the owner of said station "acted in the public interest".

It is much, much more "in the public interest" to warn thousands of people of life-threatening weather than it is to run a talk show. The primary purpose of TV and radio locally is to INFORM. Secondary is entertainment.

People who whine that their show is preempted when tornadoes are all around them are, in my opinion, a bag of fries short of a Value Meal, if you know what I mean.

Somehow I don't think alot of people in Joplin, Missouri cared about whether the Oprah finale aired in their market yesterday. They were busy with this.

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