Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let The Madness Begin! ESPN Final Four Picks, too.....

Some thoughts about today's action and bracket selections as we start a new era in March Madness.

---CBS' new graphic package looks like TNT's. Why do that? At least they didn't ditch the classic theme song, but put a new variation on it (like they did in 2004).

---VCU was savaged by the ESPN crew, along with UAB. To their credit, they got VCU coach Shaka Smart on the air a few minutes ago and, as expected, Smart was extremely classy in the interview. I did not expect VCU to make it, but am glad they did.

---The BIGGER story, to me, is how weak the Selection Committee viewed the ACC this year. As soon as I saw Florida State, who finished THIRD in the conference, as a #10 seed, I knew Virginia Tech was toast, and posted as much on Facebook. This year, Tech can blame themselves for two BAD losses in the final week of the season (especially at home to Boston College), but also the whole ACC, which is as bad as I've ever seen it, and I've been watching since 1973-74....


My picks? I'll post them before Tuesday's new "First Round". That'll take some time talking about the "third round" this coming weekend.....

ESPN's PICKS? (champ in BOLD)----

JAY BILAS: Syracuse, Connecticut, Kansas, Pittsburgh

DIGGER PHELPS: Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, Florida

HUBERT DAVIS: Ohio State, Texas, Kansas, Pittsburgh

DICK VITALE: Ohio State, Duke, Louisville, Pittsburgh

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