Friday, January 01, 2010

And On This Day.........

We rang in 2010 in the midst of a Scrabble Doubleheader at my brother's house in New Bern, North Carolina. Out of four players, I finished last in the game played mostly in 2009. I won the game played mostly in 2010. Good sign.

My brother had his scanner on through the evening and we listened to the rowdies of New Bern, et al, cause their New Year's Eve heartaches. Who needs cable when you have a scanner?

The usual overnight insomnia commenced and I finally fell asleep around 5:20. Got up at noon, packed, ate, and we left for Virginia at 1:15. 3 1/2 hours later (record time for my driving) we were home.

Mom went to work at Starbucks, Dad ran up to Ashland to do a radio station log for tomorrow, then came home to play a monster game of Scrabble against Robbie and Rachel.

I won that one, too.

A good Day One of 2010. So glad to have the "00's" behind me. :)

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