Sunday, September 06, 2009

And a "Van" goes under the, how one lefty blog handles dissent

Van Jones resigns in the middle of a Saturday night on a holiday weekend. Just as what people had figured would happen.

When you have someone this incriminating near you (or during Watergate, when people are coming close to the truth), they like to dump you on Saturday nights.....

BUT--if you think Van Jones doesn't have a voice or a "seat" at the President's table, think again. He's still going to be around. He just doesn't get to be in the public eye as a "czar".


If you click on either the title of this link or Van's name at the start of this post, and you'll go to the story of Van's resignation as reported by: lefty blog.

Scroll down to the comments section, and note how many times you see the following statement:

"This comment has been voted down. Click to read."

Apparently, some comments that are in opposition to the beliefs of are "semi-censored".

Yes, you can read it by clicking on a link, so technically they aren't "censored". But, these comments are "labeled" as "losers" or "wrong" by whomever the powers that be are over at ThinkProgress. Could be editors, could be fellow commenters.


I respond with, "Why do you pronounce a comment as "voted down" before allowing any critical thinking human being, no matter what their political persuasion, to come to their own conclusion?"

BUT---apparently the "vote downs" aren't reserved for those evil right-wingers. Here are a few that get the "scarlet letter"......

"Bad move. Libs & Dems always quit. Conservatives stay & fight.
How can we win when we're always quitting?"

"yeee hawwww"

"Guess he couldn't stand the truth comming (sic) out about what he really was."

"that is one less Panther suporter (sic) we have to worry bout, too bad it had to take public humilty (sic) to remove him tough (sic)"

"Buh-bye to a hater. Van Jones is pure trash. Good riddance."

And now, to be fair and balanced, a few comments deemed acceptable and appropriate for viewing without an extra click and an editorial comment.....

"It's unfortunate that Van Jones quit. He's a good and talented man who is worth an infinite number of Glenn Becks. He would have done a great job for the country.
It's also unfortunate that Beck hasn't choked on his own foul spittle, but that's another subject entirely. While I'm on the subject: Fox, a christian station? Give me a break. Fox is a festering boil on the ass of America. Time to lance that sucker and solve the problem."

"Mr. Van Jones,

Don't let the sh-t faced Repuglian liars chase you out. We need people with courage like yours to stay in the fray and fight! Don't let the basta-ds win like this.
I am ashamed of the putrid foul degenerates above who cheer your leaving. Typical Repuglicans, foul to the end."

"Let's hope that this frees him up to carry on the battle in a different, stronger way. Those not in official positions may have more latitude to kick the crap out of these idiots."

"Kit Bond called for an investigation on Van Jones? Because he said all republicans are as*holes? He should have said they were all racist crackers."

So, there you go. But here's one final comment that, as an earlier post referred to, echoes my earlier sentiment that Mr. Jones will now only fade into the woodwork, still with plenty of pull.

"Now Van Jones is free to retaliate without any impediments. Good."

This "Van" will come out from underneath the bus in fine condition.

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Delman said...

Just as what people had figured would happen.

That sho is some fancy writin'!